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Discover the Key to Professionally Cleaned Windows

Window cleaning can be a time consuming tasks and without the right tools your windows can look worse than when you started. Blue Ocean Window Cleaning is here to help! Let them come on and have their trained team use professional tools to make sure your windows are spotless.

Details ‘Key to Professionally Clean Windows’

[Sean] today we’re gonna learn the keys to getting a great window cleaning no matter who does it or how it gets done today and with Paul for Blue Ocean Window Cleaning in a beautiful home and Paul what are the ways you approach window cleaning that may be different from others that

[Paul] Well I think probably one of the main things is a whole matter of having the right equipment when you approach a window if you go up there with you know inexpensive equipment and a lack of knowledge you can end up with a very poor finished product one of the things I think about when you’re approaching a window is be prepared to be very thorough about it, wipe the frames and wipe the sills take a second and third look to see if there is a smear or a streak that’s been missed

[Sean] so detail orientation is very important.

[Paul] I tell people all the time when we get done is like the White Glove treatment we’re not afraid now the also with the tools of the trade

[Sean] I want to get into that because it’s not Windex and a squeegee that you guys should use them or a normal one what are the tools of the trade

[Paul] you know not at all typically when we approach a window we’ve got a full complement of gear several squeegee sizes several washer sizes razor blades frequently a product called Magic Eraser which is just a little item to do extra cleaning a razor blade if you can safely use it as a helpful tool towels clearly for the edge work wiping up watching all that kind of thing now some of the things like razor blades and those things that’s not for an amateur DIY person to be trying cuz they could damage things correct

[Sean] absolutely yeah

[Paul] you get the wrong kind of glass or maybe a window that’s tinted has film on it you run a high risk of scratching it and doing damage and again this where the bucket Bob comes in they may not have the resources the insurances etc so that they break something or scratch something they just say well I’m sorry, so the real advice here is that you –

[Sean] there’s ways to get great window cleaning to do it yourself is takes a lot of time a lot of effort some money and the right tools it’s gonna be cheaper easier and better to call somebody like you who’s a professional

[Paul]absolutely I mean unless you want to if you want to climb up on the roof here with the ladder you can do that

[Sean] well I’m not going to do that I don’t recommend you do that what I recommend you do is call Paul at blue ocean window-cleaning you can find him at approved home pros comm cuz doing it yourself it’s not all it’s cracked up to be you’re gonna have much better results and you’ll see clearly with blue ocean