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Discover the History of La Mesa Lumber

La Mesa Lumber has been around for over 100 hundreds years and has continued to grow with the development of San Diego. What was once a small lumberyard, today is a booming hardware and lumber store. Discover their history and the values that have kept them going.

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[Jordan] Today I’m at La Mesa Lumber in the heart of La Mesa, which is actually a hardware store open to the public. You might have thought it was just for contractors, but that is not the case. So, today I’m here to share everything that they have to offer with Tyler, who is actually fourth generation of the family here that actually runs La Mesa Lumber. Thanks for having us out today, so let’s just talk about what’s available here.

[Tyler] So here at La Mesa Lumber you’re going to find everything from decking, fencing, windows, doors, raw lumber products, a bunch of hardware available as well.

[Jordan] So everthing a homeowner would need all the way up to the professional end of things.

[Tyler] Yes, exactly. So whether you’re an at home DIY-er, you’re someone who just needs to do a project over the weekend, or you’re someone who’s a contractor doing it all day everyday, we have something for everyone.

[Jordan] And of course, custom milling because so much of what you’re working on at home may not be right off the rack, and that’s what you guys can offer here is custom cuts and custom order.

[Tyler] Yeah, so let’s say you having something that hasn’t been produced in 40-50 years, bring us a sample and we can match it. If you have handrails that were custom 1 off pieces that you can’t find on the shelf, we can mill that or if it’s as simple as just needing a piece of wood cut down to a specific size, we can do that as well.

[Jordan] What’s the turn around time?

[Tyler] Obviously it’s going to depend a lot on the size of the project, but usually most mill orders are completed in 24-48 hours.

[Jordan] Which is incredibly fast and there’s also delivery that comes with that. That’s equally as quick.

[Tyler] So a lot of homeowners aren’t going to be able to carry large pieces of lumber on their truck, in that case we do offer delivery to all parts of San Diego county.

[Jordan] I think that falls in really well with the custom service that you have here, quickly tell me about the values that La Mesa Lumber has that makes this such a great resource for the communities.

[Tyler] So, one thing my grandpa always stressed here to the employees was customer service. Obviously the big box stores are going to have some prices that undercut us, but what we excel in is customer service. So when you first drive up into the yard for material, you’re going to be greeted by one of the yard employees. You come into the office for any hardware needs, you’ll have another guy service you all the way up to the counter where you check out.

[Jordan] Thanks so much Tyler, so no matter what you’re looking for in lumber or hardware, La Mesa Lumber has your back. Come check them out in the heart of La Mesa today.