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Discover the Amazing Warranty with BVI Solar

Solar is a lifetime decision for your home that will end up saving you thousands, so it’s important to ensure you have a solar warranty. BVI Solar offers a great warranty through their partner, CertainTeed. This warranty will not only protect your solar, but also give you a peace of mind.

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[Jordan] As of any major home purchase or big purchase that you’re gonna make having the warranty and knowing what it means is crucial so today I’m here with Tyler from BVI solar because warranties are exceptionally important when it comes to going solar and you told me there’s three facets we need to pay attention to when it comes to our solar warranty what are those?

[Tyler] Yes, so there are three factors in every warranty the first one is equipment, the second one is installation workmanship, and the third one is roof penetrations so equipment is pretty standard if you’re getting a top-tier equipment product you’re going to get a really good warranty but those equipment warranties are only as valuable as the installation workmanship because if they’re not installed properly that manufacturer warranty is voided

[Jordan] so when it comes to comparing our solar company a to Company B when it’s the same equipment we can consider that kind of apples to apples and then it really comes down to the installation and that’s a totally different warranty

[Tyler] exactly so in that scenario of a company a versus Company B you have all those three warranties coming into place so company a might have a longer installation workmanship warranty even Company B same with the roof penetration warranty now in the end those installation and root penetration warranties are dictated by the viability of that company staying in business if either of those contractors go out of business and they don’t have some sort of insurance policy or a backstop by a major manufacturer such as CertainTeed or someone of that caliber  which PPI has which we do have then that homeowner could be left high and dry on those two warranties

[Jordan] which is absolutely not where we want to see our viewers end up at all so let’s dig into what roof penetration is because I’m thinking just holes in the roof and that means leaks and that means big problems for me as a homeowner

[Tyler] exactly so any standard five kilowatt solar system will have anywhere from forty to sixty holes in their roof and that doesn’t even include if we have to put conduit through your roof or drop through the eave or any of those aspects likewise you’re also going to have guys stepping on your roof maybe break-in tiles that sort of thing so it’s really important that your roof is secured from that contractor so when you are going ahead and doing a proper installation you’re going to have to flash that flashing is what it’s called and so when you is drill it into the rafter you’re going to want to seal it with some roof caulking or geocell and you’re going to want to put some roofing paper over it to make sure that it’s nice and tight in there now that does change based on the type of roof you have the process I just described us more for a tile roof which is this house right here if you’re doing a Komsomol roof which is pretty standard there’s a different process but in the end if it’s not done right you are going to have leaks and that’s where you as a homeowner are going to experience a lot more issues down the road such as mold or damage from the interior like such as drywall damage or having to get repainted and sometimes I’ve seen leaks cost upwards of $20,000 worth of damage

[Jordan] Wow so let’s talk a little bit about what BVI’s actual warranties are yeah so BVI offers a 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers your installation workmanship the roof penetrations and the equipment and what that means is that if anything happens to your system within 25 years it is covered and in full likewise we’re back stopped by certainty century-old company so if anything does happen to BVI such as we retire in ten years you still as a homeowner have that warranty coverage from certainteed for the entire term

[Jordan] I’ve got a feeling that’s not gonna happen so there’s no reason to be scared outgoing solar it’s just important to understand the warranties that are being offered to you when you’re looking at your solar bids you can find a quality company with the best warranty in the business when it comes to BVI solar find them quickly and easily unapproved home pros comm