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Discover How the Sun Can Damage Your Roof

We know that the sun can damage your furniture and floors, but did you know that it can also damage your roof? Top Line Roofing discusses the damage that sun exposure can have to your roof. Tune in to learn how to protect your roof today.

Details on ‘How the Sun Can Damage Your Roof’

[Jordan] We all know that the Sun can damage your furniture your paint and your floors but did you also know that it’s the biggest source of damage for your roof? Today I’m here to learn more with Wayne Sorenson from Top Line Roofing. Thanks so much for being here

[Wayne] Sure, glad to be here

[Jordan] This is really probably a pressing topic in San Diego with how much Sun that we get. Why is the Sun so damaging to our roof?

[Wayne] Well the dirty little secret people don’t understand is though the damage from the Sun manifest is in the wintertime it actually happens in the summertime because the UV is destroying any organic material so yeah if you got shingles you’ve got asphalt underlayment any of that being exposed to the Sun is going to be destroyed during the summertime and then Manifesto wintertime that’s the catch you aren’t gonna see it until we get some rain and then you find out you have a leak right and then you got bigger problems so what do we do about it well what you want to do is have it analyzed during that time during the summertime make sure that those issues are being addressed and dealt with before the winter comes before you have serious problems

[Jordan] so how often do you recommend people have that roof inspection

[Wayne] well we recommend every four or five years have your roof looked at unless there’s a reason to do it sooner than that but it usually every four or five years is a good time to keep in mind

[Jordan] great so if you out there haven’t had a roof inspection in four to five years we’ve had a lot of Sun here in San Diego you might not be seeing any problems but it’s time to have it inspected to make sure you’re not in store for problems in the future

[Wayne] absolutely no Murli is a weight great way to save money right way yeah absolutely so the Sun can be damaging to our roof but it also heats up the houses ventilation part of this as well we always recommend that you’ve got a look at your ventilation so many houses in San Diego are ventilated poorly and the idea of ventilation is that basically everything is about energy efficiency and if you if your attic is cooler your house is gonna be cooler so the way you keep your attic cooler is keep the air moving so if you get probably properly ventilated attic you’re gonna keep your house cooler and then also what a lot of people miss is that wintertime you want ventilation because a lot likewise can keep your house warmer simply because you’re you’re getting the air moving in your attic to to dry out the moisture so very quickly if we don’t have ventilation or

[Jordan] call top-line have you come out and is it possible to add ventilation if we don’t have it the nice thing about ventilation it can be retro an existing roof poorly ventilated you can come in and design a better system and install it almost to any roof thank you so much Wayne you want to call top lane roofing today whether you need to add ventilation or have your roof inspected call them today at eight five eight nine zero five five nine zero three or find them on approved home pros comm