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Discover Color Trends for 2020

Before the start of each new year, there are color trends and a color of the year chosen by a team of experts. Infinity Painters discusses how these trends are chosen and what the color of the year for 2020 is! Tune in to discover how this creative process unfolds.

Details on ‘Color Trends for 2020’

[Jordan] Deciding on a paint color for your home can be the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to painting so today Debbie Correno from Infinity Painters is here with the color trends that we need to look out for in 2020. Thanks for coming in today!

[Debbie] Oh this is exciting because it literally is kind of a big deal and we have to figure out how to implement it.

[Jordan] So let’s start with color of the year because it’s really the biggest of what we’re talking about for color trends.

[Debbie] Yes it is and most paint manufacturers identify a color of the year there’s lots of different ways they come up with it but it all follows the same process so for example Sherwin Williams sends our color consultants all over the world and they watch how people interact and live with color and as they do that they realize we’re coming up on a new decade 2020 is a big year focused on their wellness of the mind of the body they’re realizing that it’s important to them instinctively to live within nature and bring that color into their home so they develop a color mix forecast and out of that comes the color of the year it was just announced that it will be navel blue and  it’s a very dark blue reminiscent of seas or midnight skies, which are supposed to have calming effect and the cool tones of the color families and exactly really ties into the health and wellness mindfulness

[Jordan] What a fun job! Maybe next year we go and you should do a search

[Debbie] So we have cool tones and warm tones navy blue of course in the cooler tones but it’s really more of a neutral so Sherwin Williams says it’s actually the new neutral and what we’re seeing is in the past we’ve had some kind of very bold colors and we still are seen that people are moving into the Art Deco colors but people are focused more on whites and grays we still see beige but it’s mostly whites and grays kind of industrial but what they’re doing to put their own color effect in their own story into their homes is these splashes of colors so you see the Art Deco or maybe the color of the year now

[Jordan]  Of course you can use the color of the year to implement as one of your whites or Grey’s and they are gonna take the place of those neutrals which is great. How do you recommend you implement it?

[Debbie] In years past we’ve had really some of them have been really bright colors to be the color of the year going with that timeless look versus some of those more trendy colors they come in as time as color of the year

[Jordan] How do you recommend we play with that?

[Debbie] That’s a great question and I love that people are focused on those whites and grays because those are timeless and we’re gonna see those on bodies of homes primarily in the walls but again bring that splash of color be brave tell your and put it in those accent wall areas

[Jordan] Thank you so much Debbie. Get more color guidance and the perfect paint job when you use Infinity Painters, call them today.