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Discover a New Line of Branded HVAC Units

Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning has a new line of HVAC systems that they have put their name on, guaranteeing you that you will only be working with Allegiance for installation and maintenance. They also offer a 10-year unit replacement warranty! Tune in to learn more about their amazing offer.

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[Jordan] I’m Jordan Fraser and today Sarah wood from Allegiance, Heating and Air  is here to introduce us to her new line of HVAC products so thanks for sharing this with us and congratulations

[Sarah] thank you it’s very exciting

[Jordan] it really is exciting you’ve launched a whole line of HVAC products why did you go about doing that?

[Sarah] well simply because it was time not only have we been in business over thirty five years I personally owned allegience for over ten and we have been installing this product for over 10 years and I trust it, it was time for us to put our name and brand with the number one installed equipment in the nation and and it’s also manufactured here in the USA which I’m super proud of

[Jordan] yeah it’s really important to you at Allegiance and this is a whole line of products so homeowners are gonna see no matter what HVAC components they have at their house it’s got Allegiance brand on it you guys are standing behind it I think adds a lot of peace of mind for shoppers out there.

[Sarah] So it’s a one-stop shop you’ll only have to contact allegience it’s the entire system so indoor and outdoor we will be coming in and replacing or installing in your home and you won’t have to deal with any other manufacturer just Allegiance and I guarantee we are not going anywhere

[Jordan] really happy to hear that congratulations on 10 years already owning yourself so far and I know the company is gonna be around for a really long time let’s talk about the line you said it’s indoor and outdoor but it’s really all the various efficiency ratings that are available it’s an entire line of products

[Sarah] yes you can get your basic 14 seer and we offer all the way up to a higher efficiency over 20 seer starting at 16 seer though we can go ahead and offer you a 10 year labor warranty and actually a 10 year unit replacement warranty so if that main component fails we’re gonna come out and replace your entire system within 10 years

[Jordan] Wow so if it wasn’t clear enough that by putting your name on the products themselves that you’re standing behind it that warranty really kind of adds that knocks it home, allegiances standing behind this and right now if you’re gonna purchase the system there’s a special offer, would you share it with our viewers

[Sarah] if you purchase an Allegiance system we will go ahead and knock off $500 off the entire system

[Jordan] thank you so much there and congratulations again be comfortable in your home all year long with help from allegience heating and air and their top quality products which are now available you can find them on approved home pros comm slash allegiance or give them a call today