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Designing Your Yard From The Ground Up

Planning your perfect outdoor space often includes many different elements. All Seasons Windows & Patios recommends starting from the ground up when designing your updated outdoor space. They specialize in offering any service you need for your yard, so you don’t have to coordinate multiple contractors. 

Details On “Designing Your Yard From The Ground Up”

Sean: J.R. from All Seasons Windows and Patios is here to talk about planning your perfect outdoor space. J.R., where do you begin when you’re looking at planning an outdoor space? Especially backyard, what’s the starting point? 

J.R.: We always tell our customers to start from the ground up and work from there. 

Sean: Okay, so you look at the ground and it’s your starting point. What are the major elements you’re going to use to set the groundwork? 

J.R.: Sure, first of all, you step out of your patio door and you’re going to step onto concrete, pavers, tile, then you move through your transition, through the area there to your pool, your barbecue area, your outdoor fire pit. Then you’re going to look at the upper part of your shade structure for motorized screens to make it a screen room, et cetera.

Sean: So let’s talk about the things that you put on the ground. One of them, I know we have a sample here is pavers, the first thing you mentioned. What are some of the benefits of pavers? 

J.R.: Pavers allow you to do very creative designs and a very nice, elegant versus just boring gray old concrete. They allow you to make transition areas very clean and precise, much like you would go from carpet to a hardwood floor, you can do a lot with pavers to give you that look and define an area under your patio. 

Sean: And I know you also do artificial turf and turn has come a long way. It’s not the same look as it used to be back in the 90’s. 

J.R.: That’s right. Turf has come a long way. There’s literally dozens and dozens of different styles and water costs aren’t going to get any cheaper. It saves you labor, time, and money in the long run and makes your backyard look beautiful. 

Sean: I have turf for kids, for pets, it’s marvelous, I love it. Next up, we have the area you’re going to spend your time and where do we get looking at that?

J.R.: Well, usually that’s under some sort of shade structure. You don’t want to sit out in the hot sun most of the time. So we do patio covers, either a fixed or solid patio cover or the new louvered roof design, which is basically a shutter for your roof. 

Sean: Love those. 

J.R.: Then you can enclose that space underneath with either motorized screen or manual drop screens that control the heat and the glare. They can keep the wind down. They can keep your fireplace heat in in the winter when you put the screens down and you can make that an outdoor living room. 

Sean: It’s an outdoor living room. Briefly, ’cause we only have a couple seconds left, but you do it all for everybody. You’re one-stop shopping and you can handle everything. 

J.R.: That’s right. The homeowner doesn’t need to be the contractor and manage 20 different subs. We can do it all from start to finish from the ground up.

Sean: Thanks J.R. And you can find All Seasons at ApprovedHomePros.com.