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Design and Style Tips for Your Home

Design and style play a huge part in personalizing your home. Our experts sit down to discuss design tips to fit your lifestyle. Learn more about how you can style your home for functionality and looks.

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[Sean] It’s time to ask an expert where we check out everyday home-improvement topics to help you better understand your home today I’m with Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Cheryl Robertson from Superior Floor and Cabinet Designs and Berger Hardware. we’re talking about the finishing touches and the design elements that kind of are the bling so to speak that finish a remodel how important is that in the remodeling process Gregg

[Gregg] we’ll start with you well I think it’s really important to have nice finishes and I think it’s more important to plan them out and go look at what options are and make sure you budget and it isn’t a huge amount of money to spend either but it makes a huge difference in the end of the day right it really reflects your personality in your makes it your own

[Sean] let’s talk about some of the things that we’re defining under this category what are some of those finishing touches that you might be choosing that make it that difference it makes that bling the jewelry for your home

[Cheryl] absolutely the hardware there’s some beautiful choices very special things of course turquoise so these are cabinet drawer pulls cabinet pulls and bathroom fixtures bathroom accessories

[Sean] absolutely what about carpeting

[Cheryl] so any of the flooring wouldn’t be included in within that yes and earlier before we’re preparing I think wouldn’t be maybe a correlation that this this is like the gown that you would wear the paint is the is the makeup and these this is like the earrings perfect we’re in the remodeling process should these be considered as early as possible for sure and is that when you make the final choices or you’re just kind of getting a sense of what you might be but might be looking for I think you make that get a sense of what you’re looking for it takes it come and see us look at what we have to offer take some pictures get some ideas and you that’ll you know refine as you go through the process because you’ll have seen all these things and touch them and feel the quality and get an idea for what you want in your home and there’s a design-build company it really helps us to have our clients go to the showroom and make selections so that we plug in the right amount

[Sean]  absolutely and because this could be maybe five percent of the total remodeling cost but it could make 85 percent of the impression in the end of absolutely if you have questions for our experts or want to see more information go to ApprovedHomePros.com in our Ask an Expert section