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Custom Glass for Your Home

Sometimes the little details are what make the biggest difference that brings your home together, and that is definitely the case with custom glass from Best Value Glass! Learn about the many custom glass options and the impact that it can have on your home.

Details on ‘Custom Glass for Your Home’

[Jordan] If you’re looking to add a special personal touch to your home, consider custom glass work. John Simko from Best Value Glass is here with some ideas. Thanks so much for being with me today.

[John] Thanks for having me.

[Jordan] The most obvious place for custom glass I can think of would be a shower enclosure in the bathroom, so let’s start with that and I can see we already have a ton of options available here, but I know it’s really endless possibilities.

[John] We can do beautiful custom shower enclosures for anybody. We can highlight the tile with a really clear frame less glass enclosure, or we can add some sandblasting to the glass to provide some privacy. And with glass we mix metals and finished to really highlight the bathroom and the shower.

[Jordan] Yeah, so let’s stop down, you said you can do mostly glass so we can highlight the tile. People pay so much money to have these beautiful tile jobs installed in their shower but then they cover it up with so many pieces of metal and glass, but we can do these very tiny clips.

[John] That’s right. With a frame less shower, three eighths clear glass and just small clips, really it’s just going to highlight your beautiful tile work and the shower enclosure is just going to disappear into it.

[Jordan] And of course you can also do the traditional rail and you can kind of meet in the middle. We have so many choices when it comes to finishes. I’m seeing different finishes, different colors, different shapes and really different styles.

[John] So many new options these days. We have different shapes. We now have beautiful colors. This is a new brushed brass that’s very popular. The mate black is now very popular. So it’s not just, it’s not just clear glass and a handle anymore, there’s options and sizes and textures and all kinds of things we can do to beautify your glass.

[Jordan] And then of course like you said sand blasting to take it one step further.

[John] Absolutely.

[Jordan] We have a great example here.

[Jordan] With sand blasting your imagination is the limit. We work with a local artist who does this sandblasting and makes really anything you can imagine and it’s just totally beautiful.

[John] So this is anything from just like a stripe to add privacy to this custom design to whatever you can think of.

[Jordan] Whatever you can imagine. This is what makes me think I can take custom glass elsewhere in the house. Something like this would be perfect for pantry doors or cabinets. Where else are you seeing custom glass applied in the home?

[John] Definitely in the kitchen with glass, with cabinet glass, with shelves. We do these really coo floating glass shelves that are back lit. We do mirrors that are on standoffs that are back lit that are really beautiful. And then of course everybody’s remodeling their backyards so we have these beautiful glass railings that we do if you have a beautiful view or you want to open up your backyard we put in a glass railing.

[Jordan] Thanks so much. And of course you can check out work by Best Value Glass fully installed in their showroom on Winter Gardens Blvd in Lakeside. So give them a call to set up an appointment or head to the showroom today.