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Curb Appeal of Garage Doors

The garage door is the face of your home and there are so many different options today to personalize your home. Empire Garage Doors and Gates can guide you to help you choose the right color, material and look of your garage.

Details on ‘Curb Appeal of Garage Doors’

[Jordan] when it comes to finishing the exterior of your house for curb appeal don’t forget the impact that the garage door can have so today I’ve come to a job site with Empire garage door and Gate here with Jared we’re watching a beautiful door behind us get installed they’re actually currently working on it right now. Let’s talk about overall in general especially in Southern California, how much impact can this can have?

[Jared] This door is beautiful and the garage door is the biggest face of the house so the curb appeal of selecting the appropriate garage door that fits the core of your home is real important these particular garage doors we have been putting a lot of them in and a lot of restaurants the modern choices have come up in architecture quite a bit lately

[Jordan] and they’re stunning when you drive by a neighborhood and you have these modern doors or even just a beautiful clean door that matches the aesthetic of a house it makes such a difference for your curb appeal you know in San Diego, especially most garages are Street facing absolutely Jared. Tell me about this door

[Jared] so this garage door is a very popular door it’s a modern Series door it comes in a variety of colors some of the standard colors that are very popular are black white and also the aluminum color but they also can be made with multiple colors can be powder-coated to match any color that you’re looking for and the glass has options as well. this particular glass is an obscure glass as you notice it’s sort of translucent a little more than the frosted glass or the white laminate glass so you have levels of privacy that you can attain based on what your preferences

[Jordan] yes so there’s also about how it gets installed that’s another important part when you’re choosing the garage door it has less to do with curb appeal more about function but they all go together

[Jared] if you’re getting a new door you want to make sure it’s functioning how you want it this one has a bit of a special installation where the motors on the side what does that mean well on this application the motor is not traditionally matter in the center of the garage it’s actually mounted off to the side which allows you to have more Headroom above the garage door

[Jordan] [and is that an option that’s available with every type of door

[Jared] 90 percent of garage doors can take this type of motor but the one piece tilt up doors it would not work on those they still have to use the traditional center mounted motors

[Jordan] and of course the important part is knowing that the experts at Empire garage door in gate are there to help you make the right selections for your home make your home have the most curb appeal it possibly can with a beautiful garage door get in touch with Empire today find them on approved home pros. Com.