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Creating Shade In Your Outdoor Living Space

It is summertime in San Diego, which means it is hot outside. If you want to take advantage of your outdoor living space this Summer, you probably want to think about adding some shade. System Pavers shares what you need to know about pergolas and how they can enhance your outdoor space.

Details About “Creating Shade In Your Outdoor Living Space”

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Fraser, and it is peak summer in San Diego, which means it’s hot outside, so if you’re using your outdoor living space, you probably wanna think about some shade. That’s exactly why I’m here at System Pavers’ Design Center with Chris Brown, who’s our expert on the subject who’s gonna help us talk about pergolas and what they can do to enhance your lifestyle and add shade to your outdoor space. So, thanks for having us today.

Chris: Oh, thanks for coming.

Jordan: Why don’t we start with what is a pergola, because I’m a little bit guilty and only recently learned what it was, so I want to make sure if there’s anybody out there who’s just like me, they get filled in to.

Chris: Right, right. Well, a pergola is a shade structure, so it could be attached to the home or it could be detached and sitting in the landscape somewhere. It can be fully enclosed or it can be opened to the air and with some lattice work.

Jordan: And it can be styled colors to match kind of whatever your space allows for?

Chris: Oh, sure, and we also like to incorporate the architecture of the home too, just to make sure that the pergola fits in with the whole look of the property.

Jordan: I love it, so whether we’re talking about that fully enclosed roof or the lattice roof, how do we decide ya know, which styles and choices to go with?

Chris: Well, sometimes you want a little bit more shade, which in that situation, a closed roof is really important. Sometimes you just want, you want it to be light and breezy, but you still want to add a little bit of shade, so maybe a lattice one would work better. But overall, it just should really tie into the home and just be an extension of the property.

Jordan: And how about what we’re gonna use it to cover? So, what goes underneath the pergola?

Chris: Yeah, well that’s one of the most important elements, so you don’t want to size it too small and create some weird transitions, so we like to find out, are you using it as an outdoor living room, as a dining area, an entertainment space with barbecue and bar or–

Jordan: All of the above.

Chris: A combination of everything, and so that way, we can size it appropriately so it feels good and flowy and there’s a lot of good circulation.

Jordan: So size it appropriate, but also place it appropriately. Because you want to make sure it’s in the right space in the yard as well, based on where the sun…

Chris: That’s correct, because you really have to, you have to see, one, where you’re gonna get the best value out of that shade, where you’re gonna use it the most.

Jordan: Yeah.

Chris: But also two, yeah, where’s the sun coming from and are you even gonna get any shade when that pergola’s built.

Jordan: And this of course is something that System Pavers can help everyone with, during the design consultation, which is free by the way, because that’s something that a lot of your competitors maybe leave out.

Chris: Right, well it’s one of the most important things.

Jordan: So make sure you get a quality, free design consultation from System Pavers. It will be 619-312-6760, they can help you choose the right placement and style for your pergola. Visit ApprovedHomePros.com/SystemPavers to see their current offers.