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Complete Your Honey-Do List

Tackling your honey-do list is easier than ever with help from Mr. Handyman. They share how getting things done around your home can be quick and easy.

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Sean: Tackling your honey-do list is easier than ever with help from Mr. Handyman. That’s why I’m here with Kyle Lanz from Mr. Handyman to talk about honey-do lists. Now, Kyle, I was thinking about with Valentine’s Day coming up, having my gift be my honey-do list get done but I’m thinking I might need to include chocolates with that, what do you think?

Kyle: I think both are great ideas.

Sean: Both are great. I do have things around the house, but I really don’t know where to start. Is that common?

Kyle: Absolutely common. What people have is a long, long list of things that they need to get done and they have absolutely no idea where to start.

Sean: Well, I personally don’t know where to start, so what, how would I–

Kyle: I’m just going to ask you, what are the two things that drive you the craziest?

Sean: For me I would have to say, we have toilets that run, I know how to fix them, I just can’t get to it, the little flapper. And the other one is we have some doors that stick.

Kyle: Absolutely. Easy problems to fix. We get there, we can get ’em done with under an hour and then by that time you’ve gone over your list and found the other things you’d like us to do.

Sean: Now you actually have a list you supply to people to kind of give some idea starters of things that might need repair around the house, correct?

Kyle: We do. We have a checklist, and we’ll send it off to ’em on an email or we’ll hand it to ’em when we get there.

Sean: Now you will do a single job and come out to fix just one thing but it’s much more efficient to have you come out and do this bundle, do the whole honey-do list, correct?

Kyle: Absolutely is. What we like to do is get you to bundle the things together so we can do a plumbing job, an electrical job, anything where you’re going to get three different trades all at the same time.

Sean: Yeah, that makes so much sense. And so efficient. Now, Mr. Handyman though, you are so different than other handymen out there because you’re licensed, you’re insured, you’re a true company. Tell me about that.

Kyle: We are. And so we’re licensed, we’re bonded, we’re insured. The guys are background checked. They’re not subcontractors, they’re our employees and they’re going to come out in the Mr. Handyman van. They’re wearing the Mr. Handyman shirt. They’ve got a minimum of 10 years experience but reality is it’s closer to 20, 25.

Sean: And it’s so different than the neighborhood handyman. Not knocking those, there’s some great people out there doing that but this is a totally different experience and you’re guaranteed by Approved Home Pros to have a good experience or we’re going to help step in and make it right which nobody ever needs with you guys ’cause it’s always a great experience.

Kyle: And the work’s guaranteed for a year.

Sean: Thanks so much. And you have a great offer, it’s on the screen right now. Take advantage of that by calling 619-407-9888 or visit ApprovedHomePros.com.