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Comparing Types of Garage Floor Coatings

Knowing the cost versus the value is important when it comes to floor coatings. Perkins Custom Coatings describes what to look for when comparing garage floor coatings and different factors that affect the cost.

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Sean: I’m here with Paul Frankel from Perkins Custom Coatings who’s going to break down cost versus value when it comes to floor coatings. Paul, great to have you here. Look, what’s the number one question you get at Perkins Custom Coatings when people call you? 

Paul: They’ll ask how much is the project going to cost. 

Sean: Yeah. That’s, I think, the number one question people have for just about anybody, for just about any project. That’s a difficult question because cost versus value is really the equation people are looking at. 

Paul: It is, I mean obviously for a garage floor coating, there are many cost drivers, the condition of the concrete, the age of the concrete, how big the garage is.

Sean:But not all products are created equal, correct, ’cause people, I think, are thinking about epoxy floors when they’re calling you, but they don’t know about the difference in the quality between epoxy and what you have, which is Spartaflex.

Paul: So we do sell epoxy, it’s been the go-to product for many years for garage floors, but I no longer feel comfortable recommending it for garage floors because of the issues with many of the epoxy products today. And the fact that there’s a very small differential in price between the Spartaflex product, which is a much better product, much better warranty, and epoxy. 

Sean: So we’re talking about in the average garage, what’s the difference in price between the two?

Paul: For a two car garage, a Spartaflex floor might cost two hundred dollars more than an epoxy floor.

Sean: So a negligible difference when you’re talking about a floor that you want to use for a long time and have it looking beautiful, and the difference between the two is that longevity and the beauty that you’re going to get with the Spartaflex floor, correct?

Paul: Exactly. I tell people all the time, it’s such a good product, not only am I much more comfortable selling it because I know it will perform well, but I can offer a much better warranty with that product, as well.

Sean: I think that’s a key, the warranty, all of those things come into play. Plus, people will often look at the price, the cost and then go with the lowest, and might hire a handyman or somebody to go to a big box store and they’ll get a kit and they’ll end up with not what they wanted, right? 

Paul: There’s a huge difference between the type of finish you’re getting with a do it yourself type product and a professionally installed garage floor, and of course that’s even, there’s a greater differential when compared to a Spartaflex finish. 

Sean: So when somebody’s calling up and asking what does it cost, there’s a lot of things that play into that. You’re looking at really what is the value of what you’re trying to get, how good do you want your floor to look for how long, so Spartaflex is what we would recommend and you would recommend, it’s a great product. So the cost difference is negligible.