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Comparing Deck Material Options

The materials you choose to construct your deck with are more important than you think. Fraser Decks & Patio Covers shares how the quality of materials they use and their attention to detail ensures you will love the finished product.

Details On “Comparing Deck Material Options”

Jordan: The materials that you choose to construct your deck with are more important than you think. So today I’m here with Dave Fraser, from Fraser Decks and Patio Covers to talk about what it is that you should construct your deck out of. So thanks for joining me.

Dave: Thank you for having me.

Jordan: Let’s talk about the importance of the materials you select and where we should be choosing.

Dave: So there are some key things that you want to focus on. First off is your framing, the structural part that holds you deck together. I like to use pressure-treated Douglas Fir for framing. A lot of big box stores carry a softer version called pressure-treated Hem Fir. It’s not nearly as good, doesn’t last nearly as long. So it’s very important that you go and get pressure-treated Douglas Fir.

Jordan: Which I want to just point out though so many things just went right over my head. And that’s the general home owner. Which is why you need an expert, like Dave.

Dave: Exactly.

Jordan: You are an expert, you specialize just in deck and patio construction.

Dave: Exactly. So then on top of that, the material you put on top of your deck, if this board that I put in lasts 40 years and your framing only lasts 10 years, well it’s pointless to spend the money on 40 year boards. So we want to do things that make sure your framing lasts just as long. So, a couple of the key things we do, we add this product right here, it’s called G Tape. It’s a water proof tape that goes on top of your framing to keep your framing from getting wood rot. Everyday you get morning dew on your wood and that gets wet, dries out, gets wet, dries out, that causes wood rot. This keeps that from happening.

Jordan: Wow!

Dave: And that’s one of my favorite things that people have come out with in the last few years.

Jordan: There’s so much attention to detail in the framing stage. But then, let’s talk about really the beauty of it because we get all these choices of what our deck can look like once we’re past the framing stage.

Dave: So there’s three options, there’s regular woods, there’s hard woods, and there’s composite materials. We do mostly composite materials and then a good amount of hard woods. We’ve got stuff like Ipe, Mangaris, Bamboo as our hard woods. And then Fiberon, Timbertech, Azec and Trex as the four major composite brands we use.

Jordan: And don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize those at home. Dave and his team will help guide you towards the right products for you. But there’s one last thing we really have to get to and that is the attention to detail when it comes to hiding the screws.

Dave: Yes, so I don’t like seeing visible screws on my deck. So when I do a deck, we use what are called plugs, and basically we recess the screws and then you take this little plug that’s the same material. You line it up so the wood grain pattern and color are the same. And if you get that in there, you’ll never know there was a screw there. And then the rest of the deck we use what are called hidden fasteners, which hook into the grooves on the side of the board so you never see any screws.

Jordan: Thanks so much! When you go with Fraser Decks and Patio Covers, you know you’re going to get a beautiful deck that’s going to last. So if you have any questions about what material would work best for you. Call them today or find them quickly and easily, right on ApprovedHomePros.com.