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Common Household Water Leaks

If not taken care of immediately, a small leak can cause major damage to your home. Matrix Plumbing & Services shares the most common plumbing leaks you will find and signs to look for to know if you have one.

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Sean: If not taken care of immediately, a small leak can cause serious damage to your home. So, Ricky from Matrix Plumbing is here to help us. Ricky, glad you’re on the show.

Ricky: Thank you for having me.

Sean: You recently told me about a call that you had with a small leak turning into a big problem. Tell us about it.

Ricky: So, Saturday at 4 PM we had a call. Lady called and said that she had a small leak coming out of the wall. We arrived about 4:30 PM, and by the time we got there, she had a full-on flood.

Sean: So in a half an hour it went from a small leak, a little bit of water, to a full-blown flood.

Ricky: Yeah, a little bit of water travels very fast.

Sean: And water can cause tremendous damage to a home.

Ricky: Yes it can.

Sean: Now, what are the most common areas a homeowner is going to face or experience a leak?

Ricky: So, most common leak places are going to be where you have supply lines, underneath your bathroom and kitchen sink, your washer machine hoses, or on top of your water heater.

Sean: Okay, so those areas where you have something feeding into something else.

Ricky: Yes.

Sean: Okay.

Ricky: How about slab leaks? Are those common?

Sean: Slab leaks are very common, especially now that we’re getting more colder. So, the colder things get, more breaks starting to happen.

Ricky: In the slab.

Sean: Within the slab.

Ricky: Exactly.

Sean: Now, people will know they might have a slab leak, why? Because they’re… what happens? Is there a–

Ricky: Well, there’s two types of slab leaks. The ones that you can see where the water is actually coming up. And the one that you can’t see, but you have high water bill, so.

Sean: So that’s a way to tell if you have a leak that you might not be able to see is a high water bill?

Ricky: Yes, exactly, mm-hmm.

Sean: Will you actually help people read their water bill when you come out and do your services?

Ricky: Yeah, so, we can help them locate exactly where the leak is coming from, and we can help them read their water bill to let them know what their usage is.

Sean: So that’s part of your leak detection service. Let’s talk about that.

Ricky: Okay.

Sean: What’s your pricing?

Ricky: So we have a $99 water leak special. We come out to your house for $99, give you a visual inspection, look for wet spots. We have thermal imaging, which means we don’t have to cut your walls open to look for a leak.

Sean: Well that’s great. So, it’s something that really can set your mind at ease, and be pretty sure that you’re not going to have a leak, and no, there’s no guarantee, but it can really set your mind at ease.

Ricky: Exactly.

Sean: That’s marvelous. Thank you so much. If you suspect a leak, call Matrix Plumbing immediately. You can find them quickly and easily on approvedhomepros.com. I highly recommend them. They’re a great company and some of the really good guys in the plumbing industry.