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Common Garage Door Issues

Meet our newest pro, Empire Garage Doors and Gates. A local, full-service company that installs, repairs and maintains garage doors and gates.

Tune in to learn the three most common issues you might experience with your garage door, and the amazing customer service that they offer.

Details on ‘Common Garage Door Issues’

[Jordan] There is nothing more inconvenient than trying to leave the house in the morning and finding out that your garage door won’t open, so here to talk about that and other common garage door problems is Jared from Empire Garage Door and Gate. Thanks, so much for being with me today

[Jared] Thank you for having me.

[Jordan] What would you say are the three most common issues people are going to run into with their garage doors?

[Jared] The most common calls we normally get on a daily basis is that my garage door will not open, my garage door will not close or my remotes are not working. Well let’s dive in each of those- let’s start with the remotes. Sometimes they don’t work. Sometimes the remotes don’t work and in San Diego there’s a lot of reasons why. One of the biggest reasons and explainable reasons is the military where and they do their tests, they tend to block radio wave and there’s been multiple times in San Diego I’ve experienced that people have not been able to get into the garage for at least two weeks- even affected car alarms.

[Jordan] That I mean, that’s really kind of crazy and a bigger problem that maybe we can’t solve here today but it could be as something as simple as the batteries. Absolutely just have to change the batteries and those remotes I know that’s happened to me and I’m really glad I don’t have to have anyone out and tell me that that was the problem.

[Jordan] Let’s talk about if the garage door won’t open.

[Jared] If the garage won’t open at all, there’s numerous reasons it could be but one of the biggest reasons is the counterbalance system, the torsion assembly.  This spring here in the center you see this gap in the middle the spring is basically it’s showing that this spring is broken.

[Jordan] Yeah, it’s clearly no longer connected I can look up and see that.That is a problem.

[Jared} So it’s really nice to be able to be in your own garage and see where the problem is and know that there is in fact a serious problem. One of the misconceptions is that a lo of consumers think that the garage door opener is designed to carry the door up, carry the weight up, can lift the door up but that’s not the case. The spring system is actually what’s needed tocarry the weight of the door and the garage door open or is actually what just moves the door.

[Jordan] Well let’s talk about what if the garage door won’t close because that’s a demo that we have some footage of.

[Jared] So on this lift master model you see a green and a orange light and if you obstruct these lights their lights are going to turn off or they’re gonna be flashing as you saw that light just moved so the garage door is on its way closed right now and if you walk through it or there’s an obstruction the garage door will stop retract open back up and then it’s going to alert you that something happened by flashing your lights. It’s such a great demo to explain why something isn’t working so.

[Jordan] Thanks so much for that. Take care of your garage door problems quickly and easily with Empire Garage Door and Gate. You can call them today at 619-354-1480 or you can find them on ApprovedHomePros.com