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Common Causes of Drain Clogs – Black Mountain Plumbing

Black Mountain Plumbing explains the common causes of drain clogs to help you avoid plumbing problems at home.

In the kitchen

Avoid putting peelings down the sink or garbage disposal. The thin peels from potatoes or carrots etc manage to escape the garbage disposal blades and mostly go down the pipes whole, which can cause a web-like blockage as the peels overlap. When running water down the sink, use cold water, which will coagulate the grease and keep it from lining the pipes.

In the bathroom

Hair is the main culprit for clogging the drains, but homeowners can easily remove the stopper from the drain to clear out the clog.  For clogs in the toilet, make sure you know how to use a plunger properly! Press it in slowly at a 45 degree angle and pop it back to release.

Call a professional

While Black Mountain Plumbing offers some tips for how to manage these common clogs yourself, it’s important to know your limitations and call in the pros when the job is a bit more challenging.

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