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Choosing the Right Pool Finish for You

When you’re remodeling your pool, one of the most important decisions you’ll make will be your pool finish. Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling is here to discuss which pool finish is right for you. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘Choosing the Right Pool Finish’

[Sean] one of the most important choices you’ll make when remodeling your pool is the finish mark from gardener outdoor and pool remodeling is here to help us through that world of finishes and pools where there’s a lot of choices out there for available for us what are the big categories what are the divisions

[Mark] the major categories are plaster quartz and aggregate and we have we don’t have any examples

little bit about some of the advantages disadvantage of plaster pools well plaster has been around since pools have been around so it’s tried and tested finish its budget-friendly but it won’t last as long as the other finishes are available today you’re looking at about 8 to 10 years ok 8 to 10 years but it they can save on that option pretty

[Sean] right ok what’s the next step up from that quartz

[Mark] if you plan to stay in the house longer quartz this is a pebble FINA which is from the pebble tech family but this is a quartz product it gives a nice smooth finish and it will last about twice as long as plaster twice as long as plaster that’s a huge difference and but only cost about how much more about a third more great break bang for your buck

[Sean] Right what’s the next step up from quartz

[Mark] getting into the aggregate world so we’re talking about rock that has been naturally tumbled and smooth easy to walk on but will last about 25 years

[Sean]  25 years okay so we’ve got a long way from the plaster over that

[Mark] yes um the name that comes to my mind I think it’s synonymous is the band a to that world is a pebble tech there’s that right producer pebble tech is the originator of the aggregate finished so they’ve put a lot of R&D into their finishes and they have the superior quality

[Sean] are all these aggregates here that we’re looking at

[Mark] yes although this aggregate here is combined glass and aggregate or n Rock and what’s the advantage to that well you’re gonna get the same longevity but you’re gonna get bling that you’re just not gonna get in the other fitness was a look it is and it’s going to be a beautiful look when the Sun hits it

[Sean] if you’re gonna remodel your pool what would you go with

[Mark] I would go with pebble Sheen I think it’s a great finish it’s nice and smooth and it will last that long it’s worth the investment

[Sean] okay so now that the very top in but a great choice and and you will guide people to that right choice for them when you get your pool remodel get the perfect vintage from Gardner outdoor and pool remodeling call them today at six one nine four one two zero zero two or you can find them at approved home pros.com