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Choosing The Right Composite Decking

In San Diego, everyone wants to have an inviting, usable and welcoming outdoor living space. Fraser Decks & Patio Covers shares what options you have when selecting materials to build a deck that will be sure to make your outdoor space an enjoyable destination for everyone.

Details About “Choosing The Right Composite Decking”

Jordan: In San Diego, it is absolutely crucial to have an inviting, welcoming, and usable outdoor living space. Which is why I’m here with Dave Fraser from Fraser Decks & Patio Covers, talking all about what our options are for deck materials.

Dave: Yes, so you have a couple different things. We have standard woods and hardwoods, but those require a lot of maintenance. So if you’re willing to get out there every year and refinish them, they’re awesome and beautiful.

Jordan: But who really does that?

Dave: Most people do not. So we also offer composites. Now everybody’s heard of Trex Decking. They’re the big boy on the block. But there’s a bunch of other brands, and we install: Trex, Azek, TimberTech, and Fiberon. Now, composite decking
over the last 10 years has come so far that it’s really hard to tell which is real and which is composite now.

Jordan: So you mean to tell me that at least one of these is not real wood?

Dave: At least one of these, but I’ll let the viewer figure out which one they think is real. Because if you have to think about it, they’re doing a good job.

Jordan: And I do have to think about it. So how do you help us decide between a hardwood or a composite, and which ones, which product of those genres might be right for us?

Dave: So the first thing we check is if you’re in a fire rated area. We have so many fires in San Diego that you have to have stuff that’s approved. Once we figure that out, and narrow it down, it all comes down to maintenance if you’re willing to get out there, and then wood grain and color. And we go over this, and so we have a company policy we’ll only advise you to do what we do at our own house.

Jordan: I love that.

Dave: So we are never trying to upsell you. We want to put in what we would do there if it was our backyard.

Jordan: Both because of what it looks like and how durable it might be and which product is actually going to fit your lifestyle needs.

Dave: Exactly. So I’m a big fan of the composites because I know that people don’t want to spend the time refinishing them.

Jordan: Yeah.

Dave: So that’s we do a lot of that kind of decking.

Jordan: So one of the exciting features about Fraser Decks & Patio Covers is the drone.

Dave: Yes. So we do drone photography for free on every project, so before and after shots, to really show you, and you’ll see some pictures that we have taken with our drone. It’s also a lot of fun to fly the drone.

Jordan: For example, of this beautiful deck, which is why we’re here showcasing today, is because, it’s sometimes hard to see just from the small composite board that you showed us.

Dave: Right.

Jordan: We wanna see the entire project.

Dave: Right. So this is a MOSO bamboo deck. This is a 2400 square foot deck. And we’re really proud of this. This was a really fun deck. A little bragging.

Jordan: It’s been featured. This is so important.

Dave: It’s going to be featured in MOSO the manufacturers, it’s the featured deck in their brochure. It’s going in their coffee table book called “Bamboo Inspirations”, and it’s going to be featured in Deck Specialist magazine.

Jordan: Congratulations on those features. You can check out work by Fraser Decks & Patio Covers online and learn more about the company at ApprovedHomePros.com.