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Choosing the Right Grill

Choosing the Right Grill

Nothing can compare to the taste and smell of food sizzling on an outdoor grill. Whatever your outdoor cooking preference, choosing the right grill can be easy with a little help from Ace.

Gas grills

Gas grills are a popular choice when it comes to outdoor grills. Gas grills are easy to use and ignite with the push of a button. No waiting for coals to heat up or using a whole can of lighter fluid to get your grill started. The cleanup of a gas grill is also extremely easy.

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grills are the purist’s choice when it comes to grilling. Fairly simple in design, charcoal grilling requires charcoal as its fuel. The distinct flavor that charcoal imparts on food is the preferred taste of many grillers. Though charcoal grills are considerably less expensive than gas, the need for lighter fluid and charcoal briquettes is an ongoing expense.


If you are looking to expand your outdoor cooking skills and menu, then a adding a smoker is a logical next step. Bbq smokers are used for cooking meats at low temperatures over a longer period of time.

Electric grills

An electric grill offers a great solution for grillers who live in areas where charcoal or gas grilling is restricted, like downtown urban loft areas. Electric bbq grills heat up quickly and are portable so they can be used nearly anywhere an outlet is available and then stored out of sight. Because most electric grill grates are dishwasher safe, clean up is an easy and hassle-free.

Outdoor fryers

In order to serve tender, yet deliciously crispy food look no further than an outdoor deep fryer. From preparing a traditional thanksgiving dinner to tailgating at the game, an outdoor fryer is sure to keep your guests coming back for more.

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