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Chemistry Basics for Your Pool Water

You can’t have a clean pool without maintaining the water chemistry of your pool. Luckily, Payan Pool Service is here to help! Let Payan take care of your pool maintenance, so you can enjoy your clean pool.

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[Jordan] there’s some basic responsibilities and knowledge that goes into owning a pool so today I’m here at a home with rocky from Payan Pool Service learning all about what the basic requirements for a homeowner is to know about their pool what would you tell me if I you know bought a home and had a pool how do I get started

[Rocky] well the main thing about what we like to provide for people is that the service that we offer it allows people to not have to do that much we want to be able to give them the opportunity to swim in their pool and not really have to do much that is for us to do all the water balance to do the water chemistry to clean the pool to brush the walls down and just provide a service that allows a worry-free environment we want our clients to just be able to use their pool when they want to not have to do too much so that’s part of what we do is a consistent weekly maintenance for by us typically a 30-minute maintenance is really all it takes and so that our customers can do what they need to do and just enjoy the pool that is they need to

[Jordan] so really all I need to get started with owning a pool is to have a phone number for Payan Pool Service and give you guys a call and you’ll take care of all of the maintenance and it’s worry free because you’re on such a reliable schedule that’s my favorite thing about Payan Pool Service is the professionalism where the schedule is we are there every week and you guys get to know the pool you actually have been to this pool many times

[Rocky] yeah the consistency is important to acquire tour clients we found that out we like being on a regular schedule week it’s the same day every week same time usually in they’re on tight schedule but I usually do a lot of the water balance up front so that we just kind of hand it off the service department so it’s a regular weekly thing for them and that way the clients can enjoy it as they will

[Jordan] and do you find that that’s a better way just to do business because it makes sense to have the same technician coming to the same pool they are familiar with the water chemistry, they’re familiar with the home, they’re familiar with what previous problems may have existed

[Rocky] absolutely I think that again the consistency of knowing who’s in your backyard and that person is always going to be at a certain time and they know what we’re gonna be doing and really all they need to do is just enjoy the pool and that’s what we want them to do

[Jordan] run me through just a quick synopsis of what happens when the technicians come out to do the cleaning

[Rocky] it’s a pre routine thing pretty much it’s a water balance test for water balance and water sanitation you know chlorine and pH things like that and then we’re gonna be always vacuuming the pool if it has a spa we vacuum the spa we brush the walls down do some tile soap and brushing at the top of the water line and you know net everything off the top of the pool so with that basically when we leave we want to see a clean sparkling beautiful pool

[Jordan] of course and that’s really all the homeowner is gonna want to see and that’s all they have to worry about because once you’re in the care of Payan Pool Service  you know that your pool is going to be sparkling clean all year long because of regular maintenance when they come out to take care of your pool each week get started with them at a Approved Home Pros.com