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Check Out The New SolarZone SunShield Glass!

Take control of your view with SolarZone SunShield glass, exclusively offered at Window World. This new glass can help protect you from UV rays while also improving your view! Learn more about SolarZone SunShield glass and how you can benefit by installing it.

Details on ‘Solarzone SunShield Glass’

[Announcer] It’s time to check in with Approved Home Pros.

[Jordan] Upgrading your windows is about more than just choosing the look of the frame, it’s about taking control of your view with the glass. So Gene Bryan from Window World is here to introduce me to

the SolarZone SunShield Glass. Thanks so much for being with me.

[Gene] Thanks for having me here.

[Jordan] We’ve got two samples right in front of us and I can already see that they are different. One is significantly more blue.

[Gene] It is. That’s the new SolarZone SunShield Glass. That’s an exclusive here to Window World so it’s really kind of a neat glass package. Where it’s much more efficient than the one we’ve been using forever. So basically what California has is what’s called Title 24 compliant windows.

[Jordan] Okay.

[Gene] And that’s pretty much the greener tint that you’ve been seeing. It’s still a very good glass pack. It’s been working well for many, many years but we were lucky enough to get a glass pack that has a bluish tint to it that actually is much more efficient. There’s two numbers that are very important to remember on windows. You’ll usually see like a little fenestration label on the window. That kind of explains U-factor, which is the total insulation value of the glass. And then solar heat gain, which is direct heating from the sun.

[Jordan] So if you were out there shopping for windows and you see a little sticker that fenestration window ticket that you need to look for that’s where this information is going to be.

[Gene] Exactly and the lower the number, the more efficient the window is. So the SolarZone Elite glass,

which is our greenish glass, that’s usually a U-factor of about somewhere around a

0.28 to 0.29 to even a 0.30–

[Jordan] That’s a pretty good number!

[Gene] Depending on the size of window. Solar heat gain on that is

going to be a 1-9 to a 2-1. The bluish tint is going to have a U-Factor of about a .27, which is a little lower, and then the solar heat gain, which is the direct heating from the sun, is going to be a .11 to a .13.

[Jordan] Significantly lower.

[Gene] About 30% better. So now all of a sudden, UV rays are going to be cut 30% more, heat from the outside coming into the inside of your house, another 30%.

[Jordan] So that’s what you are going to feel. You know you can look on the fenestration label for these numbers to see when you’re shopping, but what you are going to feel when they are fully installed is, of course, you’re going to have a better view looking out, ’cause you’ll be able to take better advantage of your view. Less heat coming into the home, you’re going to be more comfortable, you’re going to have more energy savings because it’s more efficient.

[Gene] Exactly. And also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There’s a lot of stucco colors, many different colors out there now, and the blue actually really looks nice against those compared to the green.

[Jordan] So it’s also slightly noticeable from the outside.

[Gene] Definitely

[Jordan] Thanks so much Gene. Get SolarZone glass in your windows from Window World today. Call 619-797-6988 and of course right now there is a great special when you upgrade to the blue glass, it is a free upgrade. Find them today on ApprovedHomePros.com.