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Caring for Your Pool After a Remodel

Remodeling your pool is a huge project, but it doesn’t just end once the remodel is complete. Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling discusses the steps to caring for your pool after a remodel. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘Caring for Your Pool After a Remodel’

[Sean] After your remodel your pool, it’s important to give it the proper care and maintenance to protect the longevity of your investment. Mark from Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling is here to help share some of those tips. What do you do after the remodel is complete- the first steps?

[Mark] The first step is a start up, and the start up is the most critical step after putting a new finish into the pool. It includes cleaning the filter, vacuuming out the dust from the pool water that was entered, balancing the water chemistry and brushing the floor and the walls of the pool. Now that dust is a critical component here that we’re talking about.

[Sean] So when you do a start up, why are you getting the dust out?

[Mark] Because if you don’t that dust will settle on the walls and floors of the pool and stick permanently, so it will start feeling like sand paper.

[Sean] Is there a critical window to do all of these things?

[Mark] You should be doing it within the first week after the plaster.

[Sean] And this is something that you at Gardner will take care of for the homeowner after they’ve had the remodel?

[Mark] Yes, we handle the start up but we stop after three times and then the homeowner has to take over.

[Sean] And once you stop, what responsibilities does the homeowner have to take care of their pool?

[Mark] They should be brushing at least once or twice a day and they should be checking the water chemistry.

[Sean] And is the brushing for the same purpose, to keep the dust off the pool?

[Mark] Right, a little bit of dust will stay in the pool so you just have to be diligent for just a few more weeks.

[Sean] How many weeks is that? How long are we talking about having to do that brushing?

[Mark] Just three more weeks after the start up.

[Sean] After that point, what are a few things we should be keeping in mind to maintain the pool and protect the investment?

[Mark] First of all, during that start up and the first three weeks you should not run the pool cleaner. Because it will leave tracks on the new finish, because it’s still soft. You don’t want to run that at all but you can however after the start up, start your heater. You can do that and you can use your pool. After the three weeks, you just maintain the water chemistry and brush occasionally and keep your pool in balance.

[Sean] But you can use it immediately after the start up?

[Mark] Yes, definitely.

[Sean] That’s a great thing, I’m sure people want to get in there and enjoy their pool and have a great time with it. And this is a big investment people are making so it’s very important to protect that investment. If you’re ready for your remodel, get started with Gardner today. You can find them at Approved Home Pros.com or 619-431-2002.