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Cantor’s Corner: Solar Energy Metering Changes

Gregg CantorPresented by Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

by Gregg Cantor Resident Pro, The Approved Home Pro Show 

President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

With the change in energy metering coming up on March 31, 2018, time is running out on getting the best value out of a new solar system for your home.

Right now, you can bank solar production at 2 to 1 kilowatts produced. When the change in metering is made, you will only get 1 for every 2 kilowatts produced. That means if you add solar after this change, you’ll face larger systems with additional solar panels, higher equipment cost to zero out your power bill, and the return on investment will take longer.

With the rainy season coming, that’s even more incentive to go solar if you need to replace your roof or do repairs.

My advice is to consider hiring one company to do the job and simplify the process. There are contractor’s who do electrical, roofing and solar all under one contract, including pulling permits, which streamlines the process.

The other benefit of hiring one company, is they handle the sequencing of all the trades and warranty the work. If you want to make the March 31, 2018 deadline and free yourself of runaway energy bills, don’t wait. Get started now!