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Cantor’s Corner: Protect Your Home From Pests

Cantor’s Corner: Protect Your Home From Pests

 Gregg Cantor, Resident Expertby Gregg Cantor
Resident Expert, The Home Pro Show
President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

Ghosts, Ghouls and Creepy Crawlers in Your Home

Halloween brings friendly ghosts and ghouls to your doorstep. Trick-or-treating is all in good fun, but you don’t want the real creepy crawlers like spiders, ants, mice and rats getting in your home. Protect your home from pests this fall with these tips.

Insect- and rodent-proofing your home is easy with the right tools; all you need is caulking, spray foam, screen material and weather-stripping. All of which you can grab at your local hardware store. Remember, rats can enter your home through a hole the size of a quarter. Mice, the size of a nickel. And the creepy crawlers hardly need that much space.

Protect your home from pests:

  1.  Caulk cracks and crevices with latex caulking.
  2.  For larger cracks or holes, use expanding foam.
  3.  You should not see daylight through door jambs. Peel and stick weather-stripping works great.
  4.  If you have gaps around vinyl framed windows, use silicone caulking. Latex can be used for wood sash windows.
  5.  Use a screen material to close off openings in dryer vents.
  6.  Many homes have pipe penetrations through exterior walls. Rodents will climb pipes like a ladder and squeeze through small diameter gaps into your attic. Make sure you foam or caulk those gaps too.

To build your pest-protection tool kit and for all your DIY needs, visit the 11 local Ace Hardware locations. Find them at SDAceHardware.com

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