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Cantor’s Corner: Home Entertainment Systems

Cantor’s Corner: Home Entertainment Systems

Presented by Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

Gregg Cantor Headshot Smallby Gregg Cantor
Resident Expert, The Home Pro Show
President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel 

Home audio and video is something you can enjoy with your family and friends for many years. A quality home entertainment system that is properly installed will let you do more than just watch movies and listen to music, it lets you feel and experience them. When it comes time to install an entertainment system in your home, there are three important factors: equipment, installation and training.

Home Entertainment Equipment

You may think that buying components from a big box store or membership warehouse is a great idea. The prices may look attractive, but do you really know what you are getting? It could be a great deal, or it could be last year’s model or even one manufactured specifically for a discount store. Be sure to compare features and specs to make sure you’re getting what you were looking for.

Integrating a System Into Your Home

There is more to a system than just buying boxes. With all the different monitor choices, smart TV’s, streaming audio and video services, it’s important to correctly integrate everything together. Choosing a company that can install the systems properly and integrate them into your home has never been more important.

Home Entertainment System Training

What good is having a robust home entertainment system if you don’t know how to use it? After all the video and audio equipment is installed in your home, you want to know how to use it efficiently and be able to take advantage of all the great features.

Before you try doing it yourself or hiring a tech-savvy friend, I urge you to hire a pro to maximize the benefits of your new system. A reputable company will help you design the best system for your personal needs and budget, as well as provide quality installation and training. For all you home entertainment needs, see who we recommend.


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