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Can Your Home Be Sealed Too Tight?

Sealing up your home is an important factor when it comes to energy efficiency. But is it possible to seal up a home too tightly? Our experts answer this question in this Ask An Expert.

Details On “Can Your Home Be Sealed Too Tight?”

Sean: Sealing up your home is an important factor when it comes to energy efficiency. But is it possible to seal a home too tightly? Our resident expert, Gregg Cantor along with air filtration expert, Bob Briley are here to answer in this “Ask An Expert.” Gentlemen thanks for joining us today.

Bob and Gregg together: Thank you. 

Sean: So let’s first start with sealing a home, Bob what does that mean? 

Bob: Sealing your home is putting sealant around your windows, your doors, your light fixtures, your can lights, and then you can also go up inside your attic and do all the plate lines, where your drywall and your walls come together there’s actually seal marks on there that you need to actually get in there and foam. 

Gregg: And to take it a step further you could do a blower door test as well, right? 

Bob: Well a blower door test is actually something you really need to have done, to make sure your house isn’t too tight or isn’t too loose, either way. 

Sean: Before we get to the blower door test, what is sealing too tight, what does that mean and what can some of the problems be? 

Bob: Sealing too tight means your house is too tight, it can’t breathe, it needs to breathe naturally. You have everything in your house that puts out toxins, your furniture, your flooring, your clothing, your paint, and you are going to start breathing that, and you actually turn your house into a sick house, which is actually going to affect the health of you. 

Sean: So you have air exchange.

Gregg: Exactly and there’s some really easy, inexpensive ways of getting attic ventilation, or sub floor ventilation, whole house fans, those kinds of things continue to move the air and make the air more healthy, and also to avoid mold growing and other issues.

Sean: Because if a home is sealed too tight you’re not having that air transfer, the home is not breathing, in essence. 

Bob: And with new standards of new homes, they’re building them tighter and tighter, and the problem is when they build them tighter and tighter, now you start getting the issue of them being too tight. 

Sean: And you’re stuck in there with all those chemicals and the blower door test you mentioned, that’s how you see if the door is too tight? 

Bob: That will tell me how tight your house is.

Gregg: And there are some signs you could notice, like smells or mold growing is a sign there’s an issue, then you want to have it checked out. 

Sean: I have both but I have teenagers so that is probably the problem but, the blower door test is a fairly easy operation?

Bob: Yes it going to be done within an hour. 

Sean: Okay marvelous, and you said there’s easy solutions that can help people with all of these… If their home was sealed too tight, there are solutions that are affordable. 

Bob: And then if the house is too loose, then you can always go down and start sealing down good.

Sean: Thank you gentlemen, I learned a lot today, I didn’t even know most of the stuff. So, if you have questions for our experts, or would like to know more about various elements in your home, then visit ApprovedHomePros.com in, the “Ask An Expert” section.