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Building a Better Design Center

Meet the architect behind Thompson Building Material‘s beautiful design center and General Manager’s, Derek Pritchett’s newly built home. Todd Brazzon of Brazzon design Studio discusses the inspiration behind the design center and how that played into Derek’s home.

Details on ‘Building a Better Design Center’

[Jordan] Today I have a special treat where I’m visiting here with Todd Brazen from Brazen Design Studios the architects who actually designed the building for Thompson Building Materials a great Pro hat we have in our Approved Home Pros Network that we show all the time because it’s such a great place to go and get inspired and Todd is the man behind that entire design concept so tell me how that came to be.

[Todd] Yeah well Derrick approached me about wanting a new design center for the Thompson facility and you know I’ve been to other design centers and it’s just a lot of product that’s stacked up and when a homeowner being a residential architect I kind of think like a homeowner when they come to the facility they can’t envision it for their space so I thought wouldn’t be interesting to actually do the designs and design the design Center as if it were a custom home.

[Jordan] Which is really my favorite part about going to Thompson because I know that I can take any of the elements in the showroom which is essentially a functioning home and I can export it to my own house if I wanted exactly and so you have gone one step further. Derrick you said the general manager of Thompson Building Materials you’ve actually also been the architect on his own home which we featured a couple of times on the show. Tell me a bit about how that works in designing you know kind of the space for this North Park neighborhood.

[Todd] Nice, nice well I meet with the client and get their wish list and just kind of put it in my head and come back with an idea conceptual idea and then we meet back and forth multiple meetings and and Derrick a day initially we start with a modern home and he felt that that was too cold he wanted a warmer home with more stone product and things like that so we evolved with a design and we’ve seen it and it is beautiful and there’s so much stone and product from Thompson incorporated here in the home yes what would you say do homeowners need to take away if they’re gonna do a remodel and they want to incorporate some of these stone materials or the building materials that are at Vail about Thompson how does an architect need to be involved in that or do they their gate can be involved they can give some suggestions often time homeowners have specific likes and dislikes and and they tell the architect okay let’s integrate this product but we’re involved as the professional to give our professional insight I never say oh you have to do it this way or you have to do it that way but I alert them that might be a conflict with another material most materials these days are made to be lightweight so it’s not a problem install on vertical walls if there is a problem we have to do a Ledge at the base of the wall a concrete ledge to support the brick or the or the real stone to make sure that that house is going to be structurally sound

[Jordan] thank you so much Todd you can check out so many of these things installed at tungsten building materials just five miles outside of downtown