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Bringing Solar To Rural Communities

More than 10% of Peru’s rural population doesn’t have access to modern electricity. SunPower by Milholland shares how they brought electricity to a village in the Andes mountains with the help of Twende Solar.

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Sean: More than 10% of of Peru’s rural population doesn’t have access to modern electricity, until now. Here’s Brian Milholland from Sunpower by Milholland who’s just returned from a volunteer trip where he’s working with Twende Solar. Brian, glad to have you, and glad to have you back.

Brian: Yeah, thanks.

Sean: So, tell us about the trip, and what it was all about?

Brian: Well, it was about bringing electricity to a village in the Andes in Peru, to the Mushak Lamas. It’s a village that is in a region that, they grow coffee, they grow cacao, it’s in a protected area, and they’ve lived there long enough that the government lets them stay there. But, they had no electricity. So, we did a system for them, a solar system with batteries and we electrified their village to enhance their way of life.

Sean: So, they were totally off the grid. Before, they had no electricity at all.

Brian: Right.

Sean: And, fairly isolated?

Brian: Well, very isolated. It took about an hour to get up the hill from the closest road, and it was about four miles up a very steep hill.

Sean: Wow. So, what did you end up putting together for them? And what was the impact it had?

Brian: So, Twende Solar put together, it took them almost three years to put together a ground mounted system with batteries. We trenched to their local community center, to their kitchen, brought electricity, lights, plugs, to those things, and then we also went down to another building, which they called their nurses station, and they would have visiting educators stay, when they came up there to teach the children. And then finally, we had enough time, so we trenched down to their local football field, and put up lights, so they could play soccer at night.

Sean: I bet they were thrilled about that part.

Brian: They were. That was fantastic, yeah, they loved that.

Sean: So, you not only brought electricity to the village, but you connected it, so that it had an impact and really changing their lives.

Brian: Right. So, they’re going to put up a cell tower and get the internet there, so now the children no longer have to go like twenty kilometers to the local village for education. So, they would make that trip Sunday night, Monday morning, and they would stay there the entire week. So the children were not in the village, the entire week. And then they’d come back. But, by having electricity and having access to the internet, now they can have their own educational school, in the village, and the children can stay there, with their families.

Sean: What a difference that must make, for the quality of life, and for those families. Working with a company that believes in the bigger picture is core to Approved Home Pros values. If you’d like to learn more about Twende Solar or how Sunpower by Milholland can help you go solar visit ApprovedHomePros.com/sunpower.