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Bring Your Shower Enclosure from Drab to Fab

Custom tile can make a shower go above and beyond, so why cover it with a shower curtain? Instead let Best Value Glass make you a beautiful glass shower enclosure to highlight the tile. Discover how custom glass can display parts of your home that are normally hidden.

Details on ‘Bring Your Shower Enclosure from Drab to Fab’

[Jordan] Don’t hide your beautiful bathroom tile work behind a shower curtain, Best Value Glass can create and install a beautiful custom glass shower enclosure to complete the look for you.  Steve Welsh is here from Best Value Glass. Thank you so much for being with me today.

[Steve] Good morning, thank you.

[Jordan] There are so many other reasons to go with a shower enclosure other than a shower curtain aside from just being able to see your beautiful tile work- let’s talk about some of those.

[Steve] Well, there’s so many options and we can do custom shower doors so we’re doing thicker glass and less metal that looks really clean it’s easier to clean this huge bathroom. Yes, it’s easier to clean we even have a glass protection that stops the water spotting on the glass.

[Jordan] Wow and of course it just feels so much more elegant and substantial to have a permanent structure instead of just a shower curtain and have to throw away every couple of years.

[Steve] Yeah and it really brings out the beauty of your bath in your tile and you know all your finishes. Clear glass is just really nice.

[Jordan] So, you said thicker glass with less metal that’s a really common trend right now let’s talk about some of the possibilities. What can we do with custom glass shower enclosure?

[Steve] So we can do a lot of things and a lot of people are going up taller, we could go all the way to the ceiling and even do a steam shower.

[Jordan] Wow like 3 or 4 panels and have a nice door width above it a movable transom so you can get some air in and out or have a steam shower  and then of course whether you go steam shower or traditional shower door you’ve got options for doors: sliding glass doors, barn doors…You were telling me so barn doors are becoming super popular, they used them if you don’t have a lot of space-

[Steve] You need a slider, if you don’t have a lot of space for the door to open you need a slider, so now they have the barn door which has a bar at the top but there’s no metal around it and it’s all glass and it’s just a different type of mounting base

[Jordan] And it’s very good-looking and it’s the new thing, which of course you have one in the Best Value Glass showroom That address so people can see where you’re at it’s  8956 Winter Gardens Boulevard in Lakeside. Thank you so much, Steve. Call Best Value Glass or visit them in the showroom today or call them at 619-419-0023