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Behind the Scenes of Approved Home Pros

At Approved Home Pros, we show you a lot of what goes on behind the scenes with our pros. Our co-founder Sean Johnson sits down to discuss what goes on behind the scenes at Approved Home Pros. Discover our networking events, vetting process and more!

Details on ‘Behind the Scenes’

[Jordan] Hey guys I’m taking you behind the scenes a little bit today I’m here with Sean Johnson our co-founder and my co-host for the show in our actual offices where we’re kind of hanging out and Sean let’s let everyone behind the scenes and talk about what happens in our network that they don’t see on camera.

[Sean] Well I think one of the big things they don’t see on camera is for example our event that we just had recently you came up with a devious assignment for everybody to do which was they had to build bridges and specifically out of newspaper and duct tape exactly but it was it was to get them to work together which they do anyway but to really help forge those relationships in it in a stronger way because we’re not just a network and name it is pros the best pros in the industry working together to work better for the consumer

[Jordan]  Exactly and that’s why we wanted to showcase that here with our building bridges event for one example because everyone you see on our show actually knows each other off-camera and they refer jobs to one another because they know that it’s trust in hands that they’re gonna pass you as the homeowner off to

[Sean] And also they know the other companies what their skill set is so well and what their areas of expertise so they can make the referral in a great way that’s gonna be really targeted to what your needs are and save you the hassle and trouble of having to find things yourself

[Jordan] It saves you so much time and energy is my favorite thing.

[Sean] So we’ve got those events and then if any of this sound if you’re a pro out there you can join you know if you qualify you can try

[Jordan] We find it’s probably made the top 10 percent of contractors that really could qualify to join a network but if somebody out there really thinks that they could we’d love to talk to you

[Sean] And only accept three pros per category and you have to pass a very thorough screening and vetting process

[Jordan] Absolutely because our screening and vetting is how we get our pros into the hands of those homeowners to make sure that they are the top pros in the industry the best of the best and they have been screened vetted we have checked their licenses we have checked their online reputation we’ve talked to the owners and most importantly they have to be voted in unanimously by our existing membership

[Sean] And that is the most important one, so whatever it is that you need for your home approved home pros entire network is standing behind you and ready to help