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Becoming An Informed Homeowner

Reborn Cabinets is passionate about educating homeowners. They believe that knowledge is power and want to empower homeowners they can make informed decisions regarding their homes. Reborn Cabinets is proud to be a resource for homeowners with home improvement questions or problems.

Details On “Becoming An Informed Homeowner”

Sean: We love working with companies that truly want to educate homeowners. And Reborn Cabinets is a perfect example. I’m here with David Dahlin from Reborn Cabinets. Thank you for joining me today.

David: Thanks Sean for having us. 

Sean: So, at Reborn, you have certain core principles or your founding principles. There’s 10 I believe, correct?

David: Yes.

Sean: We want to center in on two today. What’s the first one you want to talk about? 

David: Well, the Vinny principle and that’s treat every home as if it were your own. 

Sean: That’s pretty straight forward and a guiding principle that you have. The second is, we care. What does that mean? 

David: Well, we want our customers to understand that from the beginning all the way to end of the project, they’re going to feel like they’re being taken care of. So we’re going to listen to them when it comes to doing our needs assessment. When we go into the home, we’re going to listen to all the things that they would like to have done. So we can eliminate the unnecessary things and we can move forward with doing something that they want to do, not necessarily what we want to do. 

Sean: I think a needs assessment is key. Because a lot of people have an experience with a remodeling company or a lot of different trades, where they feel like they’re being sold. The person that comes into their home is talking more than listening. And it’s about what they want to push on you rather than your needs. Do you see that happen in the industry a lot and you’re different? 

David: We do. We hear that from our customers when they already had somebody out. So, we don’t want our customers to feel trapped in a corner. We want them to see all the possibilities and that’s why we try to show them as many varieties as possible. And what they can do with their project. 

Sean: An additional thing you do is education. You do seminars and events. And you try and make people as educated about the options, the materials, the processes as possible. Why’s that? 

David: Well, knowledge is power. And the more knowledge you have about something, the more empowered you’re going to feel and good you’re going to feel about decisions you’re making moving forward with the project. So we really try to emphasize educating with our customers so that they feel good about what they’re going to do. 

Sean: Again, that’s the opposite of what you get with the wrong contractor because they’re not trying to educate you. They’re trying to hide things. Get you to quickly make a decision that might not be in your best interest, which is the opposite of what you’re doing. Love the way you push at Reborn Cabinets. Another very special thing that you’re offering at Reborn Cabinets is a $500 gift certificate. Absolutely free. And there’s a free cash contest that goes along with it. You can win free cash. Just log on to ApprovedHomePros.com/reborn or head into the showroom.