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Be Confident About Home Projects

Approved Home Pros is your trusted guide to discovering great Pros in the San Diego area. But have you ever wonder how we find these Pros and ensure they are qualified? Co-founder Sean Johnson joins us to discuss just that.

Details on ‘Be Confident About Home Projects’

[Jordan] Searching the internet can be an endless rabbit hole where you need to get work done on your home. How do you know who is good and who might rip you off? Thankfully, there’s Approved Home Pros. Today, I’m here with co-founder Sean Johnson. It’s always so exciting to share what we do to help home owners.

[Sean] There’s so much that we do behind the scenes that homeowners aren’t aware of. That’s our whole mission, to help homeowners to the right contractors and the right things to their home maintenance and home upgrades that they need.

[Jordan] You’re absolutely right, it’s daunting to go on the Internet and find one great contractor out of the wilderness that’s out there. There’s so many things that people can do on their own and we do that for them for the convenience sake really. The going on the contractors state license board, looking up the reputation review, looking at consumer view sights- those are the things that people can do themselves.

[Sean] What they can’t do is go and talk to the experts and get the background information that the experts in this industry know because they do the work and follow behind some of the other companies and do the lesser work.

[Jordan] And that’s the information that would be next to impossible for a homeowner to get on their own unless they had a contractor family member or a neighbor in the trades.

[Sean] Which is what we’re here for, we are your friend in the business. And we don’t just get one opinion, what we do is when a new company wants to join it has to be a unanimous vote from every member which means we’re getting 60 some odd opinions. So really it’s impossible for a consumer to be able to do.

[Jordan] And the expert side of it, the expert advice, I think for the consumers at home they know who the good companies are and who the bad one’s are in their line of work and it’s the same with the contracting.

[Sean] It’s the exact same concept that we’re working with here as well. Everyone that you see on Approved Home Pros. com has passed our screening and vetting but to make it so it’s not overwhelming, we limit it to three pros per category.

[Jordan] Yeah, unlike the other companies who have hundreds of pros per category. There’s only three per category that you find on Approved Home Pros and if you find them on our site, it means they passed our screening process and we stand behind them with our guarantee. Tell me quickly a little bit about that.

[Sean] If you use one of our pros that you find on our site, we stand behind them and if something doesn’t go right then we will step in to help.

[Jordan] Thank you so much Sean. No matter what you need for your home, Approved Home Pros is San Diego’s pro finder for top home improvement pros and information. You can find everything you need to know on ApprovedHomePros.com or give us a call at 855-840-A-Pro