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Basic Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than being in a heat wave and realizing there’s something wrong with your air conditioning. Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air shares the basic maintenance your A/C needs to run smoothly.

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Sean: There’s nothing worse than being in a heatwave and finding out something’s wrong with your air conditioning. Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to teach us the basic main, basic maintenance your AC needs to run smoothly. Bob, thanks for joining us today.

Bob: Thanks for having me.

Sean: So, tuneups, it’s something that people really need on the air conditioning system, correct?

Bob: Yes it’s something you really need on your air conditioning system. You’re not gonna drive a car across country and everything and just, hey I’m gonna go for it. You know, you need to make sure everything’s up and ready to go when it’s the time you need it.

Sean: So it’s really, it, you related it to a car, and I think that’s great because most people can understand that, you would not buy a car and never do maintenance, never do a tuneup, never do an oil change, you’d expect that car to break down fairly quickly.

Bob: Oh yeah, you’ll see ’em on the side of that freeway real quick.

Sean: But, same thing with your air conditioning system, though. It needs basic maintenance.

Bob: You need to make sure your system is running properly when it’s time to come. There’s manufacture’s specs and you need to get that system up to manufacture’s specs.

Sean: Now I thinks some people at home may think, well I change my filter. Is that enough? Or is there a lot more to, uh,

Bob: That’s just a bandaid maintenance. You really need to dig into it and check the voltage of your system, check the freon level of your system, just to make sure when you flip that switch on, the system is gonna work properly and it’s not gonna break down, hopefully, when you’re using it.

Sean: So, if you do this basic maintenance, it’s gonna stay cooler in your home likely, be more efficient, and last longer?

Bob: Yes, definitely last longer. Freon is made up for two reasons. One is to cool your house, but it’s also used to cool the system. If you don’t have enough freon in your system, next thing you know your motor’s gonna get overheated,  therm will break down, therm will lock up, and that’s gonna be the end of it.

Sean: So, uh, I know we’ve gone through some heat, but I know more is gonna come. You guys are always busy, but it’s not too far out that you’re booked. If somebody called, how long would it take for that tune-up to get done for them?

Bob: Just a couple days.

Sean: Uh, that’s quick.

Bob: Yeah.

Sean: I thought you might say a week or two.

Bob: Oh no, we wanna take care of our customers quick because you’re out there sweating and we wanna make sure you’re, you know, you’re cooling down again.

Sean: Yeah you don’t wanna see me sweating.

Bob: No. (laughs)

Sean: Uh, what does a tune-up cost with We Care?

Bob: It’s $69 right now.

Sean: $69?

Bob: Yes.

Sean: Wow, yeah. And when somebody goes out from We Care and they do that tune-up, if they find specific issues that need to be fixed beyond that, will they, what will they do? Give it a list?

Bob: Yeah.

Sean: Or help educate people?

Bob: They’re gonna sit down with you and educate you and say this is what’s going on with your system, this is where it’s at. If they come out and your system’s perfect, hey it’s perfect, thank you have a nice day. If there’s little parts on it that start, need to be attention brought to you, they’re gonna write it down and say, here’s some options you can do. And then they’ll just, you can prioritize it like, this needs to be done now, or this doesn’t have to be done for a while. Just something that you need be looking at.

Sean: Thanks so much, Bob. You can find We Care and more great information to help with home ownership on ApprovedHomePros.com.