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Basic Home Security Systems

Is there such thing as a basic home security system? Security Expert, Richard Knight from Knight Security shares the basic necessities you need in a home security system. Have a home security question? Ask here!

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Richard: Hi, I’m Richard Mates from Knight Security and this is Safe at Home. I want to give you something insights into home security and one of the topics I get all the time, is there such a thing as a basic system. Obviously budget’s a big issue, keep the costs down. And yes there is, you don’t have to buy a package, we design a system around your needs. And when you look at a basic system, what you want to do is protecting your home where you and the family are gone during the day at work and school. And this can be accomplished by using strategically located motion detectors in the home to cut off the pathway to the master bedroom, major hallways, and basically it gives you a quality alarm system at a very, very affordable price. And so if you have questions on this or any other topic, just give me a ring I’m happy to answer them at 619-797-6603, and be safe at home.