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Adding a Companion Unit

If you need more space in your house then a companion unit may be the perfect solution to your problem. Companion units are effective, affordable and easy to add on to your home.

Details on ‘Companion Unit’

[Gregg] Companion units are a great solution for rental income or space for a loved one. There are 3 types of companion units. They are additions, detached buildings and conversions of existing space. Garage conversions are the most economical because you can utilize an existing building.  Additions to existing homes are next most effective.  And detached structures are typically more expensive due to underground utilities.  Square footage is important factor on detached rental units to maximize return on investment, so don’t under-size.  If you’re building a companion unit for a family member, you will probably want more square footage and some custom features.   Keep in mind, most cities in San Diego County allow you up to build up to 1,200 square feet, or 50% of the existing living space attached.  If you are considering a companion unit, the best way to evaluate designs and costs is seeing examples of actual projects, not by paying up-front consultation or design fees.