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A Stress Free Solar Guarantee

Solar is a big decision and when you’re picking a company it can be overwhelming. SunPower by Milholland Electric makes it easy by taking all the stress out of the process. Find out their new guarantee that will protect your solar and give you peace of mind.

Details on ‘A Stress Free Solar Guarantee’

[Jordan] Your high electric bills are stressful enough that going solar should be one less thing you have to worry about thankfully Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland Electric has made the process extremely easy so thanks for being with me to share this information thanks for having me let’s talk about the quotation process when you use some part of Milholland you guys do it differently than some competitors out there and it’s extremely easy.

[Brian] It is very easy if a customer just gives us their bills or an idea of how much they spend per month on their electricity we’re able to get a shading analysis of their home using the Sun power eighty design which is a proprietary system they’re able to place the panels on your home and to see how much production we’re going to get out of those panels based on the actual shading concerns that are that are at the property we’ve perfected this in such a way that we’re able to give a guarantee based on this design process a guarantee of the performance of the panel’s to me yes so some power just initiated on July 1st a twenty five year guarantee on the performance of the system and they say that the system will be able to perform like we say it will all the way through the twenty five years and in fact ninety percent at twenty five years

[Jordan]  that is incredible because that’s just 10 percent degradation over twenty five years which is pretty unheard of in the technology and that’s not just for the panel’s that’s also the micro inverters that’s the entire system and this is incredible I can get this much information about how my system will produce and where you’ll put the panels on my house without anyone ever having to come to my house

[Brian] right and then all we need to do is come out and evaluate your roof to make sure that your roof is gonna be good for that 25 years and also evaluate your electrical system to make sure that it’ll handle any of the increased load from the solar system itself

[Jordan] which of course is important because SunPower by Milholland Electric has all three of those licenses in-house which just takes all of the stress out of any remaining aspects there are when it comes to going solar because I know there’s only one person to call

[Brian] that’s correct we want to make sure that we have some great offers to give out to our viewers today if they want to go solar or are considering this sure so we have will pay your electric bill for up to two months or give you $1,000 cash back if you go solar by the end of the month so you can take advantage of which every one of those is going to save you more money

[Jordan] Help reduce your stress and your electric bills today call them at six one nine three two zero seven three seven three that’s six one nine three two zero seven three seven three or visit their Design Center in Poway today do you enjoy that video please take a moment to subscribe when you do you’ll have full access to all of our videos from full episodes two quick tips it’s all great information it covers everything you need to know for your home so with that subscribe button below and check out more videos