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A Look Inside a Thompson Home

Thompson Building Materials is dedicated to showcasing the variety of building materials they offer across countless trades. Take a sneak peak behind the scenes into a recently finished home, the home of General Manager Derek Pritchett.

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[Sean] So I’m here at Thompson Building Materials off Federal Boulevard in San Diego with Derek Pritchett, General Manager of Thompson Building Materials and Derek I know that you’ve been building a home. I got to be on the property with you when it was a big hole in the ground. Is it close to being done?

[Derek] It’s not close enough but we’re getting closer. Yeah, every day is getting closer. It’s been a long process. It’s been a lot of fun though. You know obviously all the materials we have here the selection process and materials and getting to choose and design and finish the hallways and really kind of cool.

[Sean] Yeah, I was gonna ask you could working here at Thompson you must have had a lot of things that you’ve seen over  the years that you’ve been saying, “Hey I want that when I build my home. I want that when I build my home.” What are some of your favorites?

[Derek] You start with that but the things evolve and things change. You know, you think you’re going down you go down one road thinking you know what you want and because it may be the size or scale, it evolves into something else but you know typical color palette and overall design aesthetic that I was trying to achieve and I think we did pretty good job nailing it.

[Sean] Now there’s some techniques that were applied to some materials. What were some of those?

[Derek] Different installation techniques like the natural stone veneer we have here after it was put up it’s called an over grout technique, so bigger grout joints and it’s got a it’s kind of smearing that grout over the face of the stone that kind of tone it down and blend it all in a little bit nicer. Give it a little bit more of a weathered old world look.

[Sean] Very cool and now you also understand you have some kind of cutting edge things that are longer bricks. Tell me about it.

[Derek] You know, brick in a different format actually we’re using that on the risers on the steps on the staircase going up but the format now we’re seeing a lot of material brick usually 8 inches 12 inches never seen up to 18, 24, 30 inch long which is difficult to do with a clay brick.

[Sean] So, it’s so exciting that you’re getting this project close to finished and so many materials in there. But this is something that anybody can do if they’re building a home they just should come down to Thompson and what talk to your team get insight.

[Derek] Absolutely, we got a showroom down here and 5000 square foot basically we built a home here on site to showcase the use of materials on the interior of the home which is what I’ve done up in my place just the same and our staff can help guide them through it. And it’s best to really get down and get started with starting to make that selection process early so that you’re not the cause of any delays on your project.

[Sean] Yeah that’s a key being able to get down there early and make the material selection. If you’re building a home, any remodel, anything you’re doing get down to Thompson Building Materials. You can get inspired and have so many great experiences so come down Thompson building materials off Federal Boulevard five miles outside of downtown