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5 Warning Signs That Mean You Have A Pest Problem

No one enjoys dealing with pests inside their home, so Gopher-B-Gone shares the warning signs to know if you have a pest problem. They explain how the seasons changing affect what pests you will find and what to look for to know if you have unwanted visitors.

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Jordan: Well, no one wants to deal with pests at their home, so today Jennifer and Louie are here from Gopher-B-Gone to help with those types of problems because we’re at that time of year where San Diego’s extreme weather kicks in. It’s really probably the only time of year where we have a big weather change, does that affect the pests we might see at home? 

Jennifer: The only thing that it really does affect would be your squirrels. You don’t really see a whole lot of those during this time period. But the gophers are still running rampant, the rats, the mice, you name it, we still have it. 

Jordan: Oh shoot, so we’re down one problem, but there are still a lot of other pests out there, Louie, what might we see all year-round if it sounds like we’re not affected by the seasonality? 

Louie: Well, with all year-round stuff, you’re always going to have your rodents, that’s always a problem. Insects, ants, everybody has ants, so it’s just a matter of maintaining stuff as we go. 

Jordan: So other than the ants I can see, I know exactly if I have an ant problem, I’ll see the ant, but as far as rats, you don’t necessarily always see the rat, or gophers, you don’t see the gopher, what are the warning signs for those?

Jennifer: We actually just had a customer call us the other day, she found a big giant rats’ nest, like behind her bushes, so we had to go out and take care of that. So you’re going to look for the nesting, you’re going to look for the mounds, if they’re in your house, you might hear gnawing or the scraping of the claws across the top of the attic. 

Louie: Scratching noises, sometimes yeah, droppings everywhere. 

Jordan: Which is dirty and unsanitary and we need to get these problems taken care of right away. 

Louie: Yeah, that can get you ill. 

Jordan: Definitely, so as far as also insects are going, I know you mentioned before when we were doing a little chat that the seasonality does affect the insects. 

Louie: Right, we’re in a migratory pattern right now of the year, and a lot of the insects and flying insects and a lot of stuff is migrating down into our area, and what we’re seeing is they’re setting up shop in your fruit trees, your ornamentals, and it can become a real problem at some point if the infestation continues and we should get out there and treat. It’s a lot of citrus, lots of nut-bearing trees too. 

Jordan: Okay. 

Louie: Yep. 

Jordan: And of course, Gopher-B-Gone can help with all of these types of situations if we see any of these warning signs, right? 

Jennifer: Yes, correct.

Louie: Sometimes you don’t see the warning signs, though, so it’s good to call us out too. 

Jordan: Thanks so much. If you see any of the warning signs that we talked about today at your home, or have any inkling of a pest problem, call Gopher-B-Gone right away because you want to take care of these problems immediately. Find Gopher-B-Gone and other top pros quickly and easily at approvedhomepros.com.