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4 Dangers Of Hiring A “Chuck In A Truck”

When interviewing companies for a major or minor home improvement, choosing a “Chuck in a Truck,” just a guy is not usually a wise choice. Here are four reasons why:

  1. These individuals may not be licensed, which requires insurance and bonding for your protection.
  2. You will most likely not have a warranty or someone who stands behind their work. Quality companies provide a guarantee and will be there when you need them. A “Chuck in a Truck,” probably not.
  3. Permits and inspections. Most home improvements or repairs require permits. A “Chuck in a Truck” is interested in finishing your job fast, so there’s a good chance they will not pull permits or tell you that permits are not required.
  4. Often a “Chuck in a Truck” does everything himself which means they may not have the skills to do a quality job.

My advice is to interview companies for your home improvements and repairs, don’t choose “Chuck.”