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4 Benefits Of Window Tinting Your Home

Do you want to make a big impact on your home without invasive construction? Superior Window Films explains the many benefits that window films provide when added to your home. 

Details On “4 Benefits Of Window Tinting Your Home”

Jordan: Want to make a big impact on your home without invasive construction? Virgil Ryan from Superior Window Solutions is here to explain the many benefits of window film. So, thanks for being here.

Virgil: Thanks for having me.

Jordan: So, this is something probably people don’t think all that much about because it’s invisible, right?

Virgil: Right, exactly. I can guarantee you’ve been in a home that’s been treated with a quality window film product, and you didn’t know it was even there. You just found it’s retrospective, that you were cool and comfortable in the home, you weren’t getting hit by so much glare.

Jordan: It’s one of, it’s the best part about it, I think.

Virgil: Yeah.

Jordan: That you can get so many benefits with so little impact and change around the house.

Virgil: That’s the key. We want to increase the performance of your home, but not change the look.

Jordan: So let’s talk about the benefits that are included when you do put a film on your windows.

Virgil: Well, you’ve got of course, there’s a lot of reasons clients will call us. Heat and glare control being number one in the hotter months, protecting the furniture, your floor and your artwork.

Jordan: Things fade, I don’t want my family photos to fade.

Virgil: Photos actually go the fastest. So, photos are very subject to fading and damage. Along with everything else in the home. I mean, we get affected by the sun, so does everything else.

Jordan: So you said that heat reduction in the summer, but these films work all year long, we’re talking about all seasons?

Virgil: Correct, yeah. Film is for every season, not just when you’re hot. For example, most of my clients I found actually get more fading in the wintertime than they do in the summer. You go to work, it’s cold in the morning, it’s dark, you come home, it’s cooler and darker. Well, the entire time you’ve been working, your window’s been opened up and everything in there’s been taking a sunbath. In the summertime, you think about it more, so you close things up in the morning before you go to work, so it’s cool when you get home.

Jordan: And it slows it down.

Virgil: Exactly. Wintertime you don’t think about it, so you get the damage.

Jordan: So Superior Window Solutions is very aptly named, you have products for literally everything that we can think of.

Virgil: Yeah.

Jordan: How are you going to help us select the right film for what problems are plaguing our specific home?

Virgil: Well that’s the key. You need to reach out to a quality service provider whereas we have that knowledge, we can guide you into what films can be best for you, and select that product and give you an exact price quote.

Jordan: And you might have benefits like security, privacy, decorative films, everything goes on top of the benefits you already mentioned earlier, right?

Virgil: You bet. The reason people call us used to be seasonally driven as well, you know, this time of year, it’s a lot of decorative issues, uh, summertime it’s heat and glare, burning of the artificial turf.

Jordan: And like you said, window films for all seasons. When you call today you will save ten percent, up to 500 dollars on your new window films when you mention Approved Home Pros.