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Projects Go Smoothly with 3M SandBlaster Flexible Abrasives

Projects Go Smoothly with 3M SandBlaster Flexible Abrasives

We have never met anyone who says, “I love sanding.” Sanding down a surface is normally the prep work before the fun or creative part of a project. Whether it’s boring prep work, or painstakingly smoothing out a finish, sanding can be a bit of a chore.

But that was before 3M came out with the SandBlaster Ultraflex sanding sheets. Sandblaster abrasives comes in a variety of grits and types to fit just about any job, and the flexible design allows you to reach all of the nooks and crannies of detailed pieces.

There are four major sanding areas that most people face: paint stripping, bare surface sanding, between coat sanding and final finishing. And SandBlaster Flexible Sanding Pads make them all faster and easier. Just select the right one for your project.

The 3M SandBlaster Flexible Sanding Pad is best used to remove paint and other coatings, or to level bare wood, because in these cases you need a highly aggressive abrasive. The flexible sanding pad conforms to your hand and the wood, and can be used again and again, making it far more versatile and durable than any traditional sandpaper.

Between coats, such as stains or polyurethane coatings, you will want to remove runs and nibs to get a truly professional look and finish. This is where the 3M SandBlaster Flexible Finishing Pad comes in. The flexible design allows you to closely match the surface you are working with while the pad gently smooths everything out before your final coats are applied.

Final finishing also requires the flexible finishing pad. With a less aggressive abrasive finish, you can smooth the surface before the final wax or buffing.

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