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3 Reasons Your A/C Is Short Cycling

Does it seem like your A/C has been cycling on and off more than usual in a short period of time? Short cycling may be the cause. Mauzy Heating & Air explains the 3 reasons your A/C may be short cycling. 

Details About “3 Reasons Your A/C Is Short Cycling”

-Does it seem like your air conditioner has cycled on and off more than usual in a short period of time? It’s called short-cycling, and HVAC expert Mike Mauzy from Mauzy Heating and Air is here to explain more. How’re you doing today?

– I’m doing well.

– Okay, so this is a problem that a lot of people have. Talk about some of the different ones and the solutions. Okay, so first, thermostat failure.

– Yeah, so that’s gonna be anything from a faulty sensor on the thermostat to poor placement of the thermostat. Sometimes a light might be hitting it directly or a supply register blowing cold air on it directly is going to give it a false reading.

– Okay, and then the sizing, that matters with this.

– Yeah, so a lot of people think bigger’s better. That’s not always the case. If you have an oversized unit, it’s gonna short-cycle. It’s gonna come on, make it really cold. It’ll heat up, and it’ll short-cycle.

– Okay, I know you have different solutions for all of these problems.

– Yeah.

– We’re gonna get to that too. But also overheating can be an issue?

– Overheating, changing the filter is the biggest problem we see out in the field. People don’t change it as often as they should. Every three to four months, you should change it.

– That was my next question.
– Yeah.

– I wanted to know.

– And it doesn’t hurt to change it more frequently. Every month or two would be fine.

– Okay, so maybe someone doesn’t have all three. They maybe have one or two of these issues. What can Mauzy do to help?

– So we’ve got a full service team. We can come out and assess the situation. Every household’s different. But yeah, we’ll pretty much diagnose what’s causing the issue, and then give you options of how to fix it.

– Okay, one of those that you brought up earlier was if the system is too large or something, you can even change the–

– We can like lower fan speed. We can move the thermostat location. We can do some things to try to correct the issue. But sometimes we may have to just put in a little bit smaller unit.

– Okay, and then you have an offer going into the summer.What is the offer?

– Yeah, right now we’re offering $1700 in rebates from the manufacturer and $1700 from Mauzy for a total of $3400. And then we’re giving away a free Nest thermostat with that offer as well.

– Okay, the free Nest thermostat then. This is pretty cool.What does that do?

– That is, you can remotely turn your system on and off, so if you leave the house and you forgot to turn it off, you’re gonna waste all that energy, you can go on your phone, turn it off–

– Don’t want to waste energy.

– You’re saving money now, yeah.

– All right, thanks, Mike. Good tips. If your air conditioner isn’t working flawlessly, call the experts at Mauzy today at 619-320-6080, and remember, you can always find Mauzy and other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.