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3 Indoor Air Filters That Improve Allergies

As the weather is changing, you’re probably spending more time indoors and may be noticing that your allergies are causing you problems. Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning shares ways you can improve the air quality in your home, which in turn helps with allergies.

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Jordan: As the weather’s changing, you’re probably spending a bit more time indoors. Are you noticing that your allergies are acting up? Senior HVAC technician Jon Murphey from Allegiance Heating and Air has a solution. Thanks so much for joining me, Jon.

Jon: Thanks for having me, Jordan, it’s great to be here.

Jordan: This one hits really close to home to me, as a massive allergy sufferer. What do I need to know about allergens in my home?

Jon: All right, you have all different kinds of inputs for you, whether it be your pets or if you’re next to, say, an airport. They all create issues when it comes to allergens or contaminants in your home. Here we have our filters. The standard filter, you can see a dirty filter and a clean filter. They’re good filters. They clean about 30% of the particulates out of the home.

Jordan: When used correctly.

Jon: Yes, and you want to change those out about every two to three months. 

Jordan: Because when it starts to look like this, you need to get rid of it? 

Jon: Exactly, because it’s no longer removing those particulates.

Jordan: Okay, so there are other options we can upgrade from this? 

Jon: Absolutely. One of the things we recommend is called a HEPA or high efficiency filter. These obviously are a little bit larger, size-wise. But in addition, they remove over 90% of the particulates in your system. 

Jordan: That’s a huge increase.

Jon: Amazing increase. In addition to that, the filter only has to be changed once a year.

Jordan: So it’s easier to use, a little bit more convenient. We all know people don’t change their filters as often as they’re supposed to. 

Jon: Exactly. 

Jordan: But even this incredible upgrade can be improved upon? 

Jon: Absolutely. 

Jordan: So we got one more thing to show? 

Jon: Yes ma’am. So we have the APCO Cleaner here. It has a carbon filter, which catches all the odors, mold, mildew, viruses, that manage to make its way past your filter in that filter. And the amazing thing about this, is that it also has a UV light, so once that filter has caught all these particulates, the UV light kills it. 

Jordan: Thanks so much, Jon. Get your heater inspection and tune-up today from Allegiance Heating and Air. You can also use this opportunity to upgrade the ways that you’re taking care of your indoor air quality. Find Allegiance and other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.