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3 Elements For An Inviting Outdoor Entertaining Space

Have you been fantasizing about turning your backyard into your ideal entertaining space? System Pavers shares what options you have and how they can customize your own entertaining space.

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Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Fraser, and I am at the System Pavers Design Center today with Randy Reiser where we’re talking all about turning your backyard into that dream entertaining space. Thank you so much for having me up today. 

Randy: Yeah, you’re welcome. 

Jordan: I’m passionate about this because I love to entertain, but my space is terrible.

Randy: Okay. 

Jordan: So, I really want to make sure, one, that I’m not alone. Is this a common thing that you see from homeowners, they really want that entertaining space?

Randy: Absolutely, Jordan. You’re not alone in that. A lot of folks, when they come to meet us originally, they want to create a space where they can get more out of it. And we all have a backyard and how much do we use it? 

Jordan: Yeah.

Randy: Usually it’s just looking out the window. So that’s a common theme when our clients find us. The want to find a way to make that something special for them. 

Jordan: So when we’re finally ready to take that step and make something special, what are some of the key elements we should consider to make our dream entertaining space a reality?

Randy: Uh, there’s a lot of key elements, but the most important one I would say would have to be a fire feature. Whether it’s a fire pit or a fireplace, everybody loves to gather ’round fire. It seems like as soon as the sun goes down, that fire pit comes on, people start… 

Jordan: Moths to a flame is a real analogy. 

Randy: It really is. They start gravitating toward it. So that’s definitely one of the key elements. 

Jordan: And what about, like an outdoor kitchen? 

Randy: Kitchens are huge, you know, everybody ends up in the kitchen, you know, when you have a party, and just bringing that kitchen to the outside, whether it’s just a small group of friends or a large party, it seems like that’s where everybody’s going to be at. 

Jordan: So what types of things, when building an outdoor kitchen, do you kind of consider to put into that? Like, barbecue island, what kind of appliances do we need to really want to have out there?

Randy: It depends on how you’re going to entertain, everything from wet bars to kegerators to a 32-inch grill to a massive cooking station where you could cook for a party of 50. It really depends on how you’re going to use it. 

Jordan: Because that is where people are going to gather, you are not wrong. Like, every time I’ve had anybody over to my house, they go to the kitchen no matter what else is going on. 

Randy: Absolutely. You got that right. 

Jordan: So, other than these, um, you know, hard-scape features that get built in, what are some other elements we need to consider to get our dream space up and running?

Randy: Uh, one of the best elements that we like to add to anything would have to be lighting. You know, we don’t just want to use it during the daytime, we want to be able to use it at night and allow that party or that entertaining to go well into the evening, lighting can guide your pathway out in the back, or even just being inside, it draws you to go outside and use that space more. Music, whether it’s something we provide or just getting the tunes on back there, everybody seems to like the music as well.

Jordan: And of course System Pavers can help us narrow down all of these choices because there are so many when it comes to designing an entertaining space. 

Randy: Yeah, you got that right. And that’s really the big difference. We want to go out there and create something custom.

Jordan: I love it. So call today, System Pavers, 619-312-6760 and get your free design consultation. Also visit ApprovedHomePros.com/SystemPavers to see all their offers.