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3 Benefits of New Windows

There are many benefits to updating your windows. Window World explains how one upgrade will instantly improve your home in many ways.

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Sean: There are so many benefits to upgrading your windows. And today, I’m here with Gene Bryan from Window World to talk about those upgrades. Now Gene, we normally talk about energy efficiency with upgrading windows, but there’s a lot of other reasons to do it. Let’s talk about it. What are some of the main reasons?

Gene: Main is curb appeal. Think about it You really, really have these old aluminum or wood windows in your house right now and a lot of the aluminum oxidizes and tarnishes. Kind of puts stains on the outside of the house. With a new retrofit window, we can clean all that up. Not only giving you a really nice look, but also making the inside and the outside look great.

Sean: Yeah, because those old aluminum windows, they do get that oxidation that doesn’t look good. The whole front of your house doesn’t look right.

Gene: And even the wood windows, if you think about it, if you don’t keep up with them, if you don’t paint them, which, who loves to paint windows? Then they’re going to look a little rough too.

Sean: Now that has to give a pride of ownership to people when they get those new windows.

Gene: Oh, absolutely, after when we install your windows, and you pull up in the driveway, all of a sudden you’re not thinking about the bill you paid for the windows, you’re going, wow, my house looks so much nicer.

Sean: And the bill is small comparatively to what people think, we’re going to get to that in a second.

Gene: Absolutely.

Sean: What are some of the other reasons?

Gene: Well, think about trying to open and close some of these old, aluminum patio doors, the old wood patio doors, a lot of those windows and doors don’t even have roller systems on them.

Sean: Right.

Gene: Our new ones are going to have stainless steel rollers, brass rollers. They’re going to operate so easily. You’re going to be able to open and close your doors and windows with one hand very easily.

Sean:  Yeah, I’ve seen your windows that you can operate with one finger. Do you find people that didn’t open and close their windows at all before use them much more after you’ve put new windows?

Gene: They really do. Now all of a sudden they can open them. They’re easy to open.

Sean: What’s the last major benefit?

Gene: You know, think about the view. A lot of times, people have old seals filled in their windows and you can’t really see through them. They have a purple haze or they’re kind of foggy. These new windows are really going to make your view much, much cleaner, much clearer, and a whole lot better and easier on your eyes.

Sean: It’s one of the reasons we live here in San Diego is the view oftentimes, and you want to be able to look at those windows and see that view. You have a great offer. What is it, quickly?

Gene: We do. $3,819 and a patio door installed, that’s five premium windows and a patio door for $3,819.

Sean: That is a tremendous value, huge savings. Let Window World help you make the most of your new windows. Call 619-797-6988 or use the Profinder service on ApprovedHomePros.com. Window World is the best in the business and they’ve got so many products that’ll guide you to the right thing for your home.