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3 Benefits of Installing Window Shades

Window shades don’t just add visual interest to a room, they can also make it more functional. Legacy Shading shares how to take your shades to the next level with automation. This simple home improvement can change how you enjoy your home.

Details On “3 Benefits of Installing Window Shades”

Jordan: Window shades don’t just add visual interest to a room. They can actually help make it more functional. Matt Geans from Legacy Shading is here to help us take those shades to the next level with automation. Matt, thanks for being here. 

Matt: Glad to be here. 

Jordan: So let’s start at the basics of just why people should have shades in general, because I think a lot of people overlook this. 

Matt: A lot of times, when we see things being overlooked, it’s in that new construction arena where people are trying, they’re focused so much on their house, and that’s when they overlook shades. But for the most part, people who are established in their homes, they have shades already, and they’re already utilizing the benefits of them, be it reducing the heat in these months that are just sweltering. 

Jordan: Yeah, that’s a big one here in San Diego.

Matt: It is, and most often, we see it in the privacy in a bedroom or in a media situation where they have their couch situated where the reflection of the window is off of their TV. 

Jordan: Ah, to block the light. 

Matt: Right, so a lot of times, they’ll have a light-filtering shade in there, oh, we need to blackout somehow. And so they do a blackout, and sometimes, we have the circumstance in which someone has a light-filtering shade on the inside, and if we do an exterior shade that’s in a blackout, it accomplishes that. It doesn’t change the aesthetics of the inside of the house, and it beats the heat even more when you stop the sunlight from hitting the glass of your window. 

Jordan: So we have so many choices when it comes to shades. 

Matt: There’s a lot. 

Jordan: And then let’s talk about if we can take it to the next level, cause I personally have a couple of shades, don’t use them cause I’m lazy and I know I have to get off the couch and manually pull the cord.

Matt: Right. 

Jordan: So automation. 

Matt: Automation of the shades takes the shades to a level where they’re more interactive with how you live your life in your home. Once, and we’ve seen it many times, once you automate the shade, people overnight get a totally different interaction with their environment in their home, because the view that they purchased of the home, of the new home, they now get to enjoy a lot more, or if they even don’t have a spectacular view, you’re still in San Diego, lots of natural light. You get up in the morning, raise those shades, have your cup of coffee, let the natural light come in, and you can get your day started a lot better. 

Jordan: We have so many options when it comes to shading and automation. Call Legacy Shading to get started with automated shade solutions today. 858-352-0092. You can find Legacy Shading and other pros at approvedhomepros.com.