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10 Steps to Make Moving Easier

10 Steps to Make Moving Easier

If you are going to be making the big step of moving, here are 10 things to make the moving process easier and less stressful.

1: Make a plan.  Decide what improvements you want to do before you move into the new home.  Also, plan out what items you want to bring with you and what you may want to donate, sell or throw out.

2: Create a timeline.  Start with moving day and ensure you set time for everything on your list.  A good timeline will save time, money and most of all, stress.

3: Set a budget.  Factoring in the distance and how much you have to move, determine what you can spend.

4:  Decide if you move yourself or hire a pro.  Get quotes from at least 3 reputable moving companies and always get written estimates.

If you decide to move yourself, we recommend you get boxes, packing tape, utility knife, scissors, bubble wrap, a hand truck, moving blankets, gloves and markers.

5: Make a moving file.  This organizational tool can help keep track of moving estimates, receipts and other important documents.

6: Insurance.  Reach out to your insurance provider and confirm all policies will transfer to the new home. This includes homeowner, health and automobile.

7:  Get your records.  Secure copies of your legal and financial records.  You may need these during or after the move.  Make sure to keep them in a secure, like you moving file.

8: Update your address with the postal service.  This is fast and easy on the usps website.

9: Turning on the new utilities.  As obvious as this sounds, people sometimes forget.  There is nothing worse than completing a move into a home without water or power.

10:  Send out announcements with your new address to friends and family.

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