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10 Gift Ideas For The Home: Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for the perfect gift can be hard, so we’ve made it a little bit easier with fun, unique gift ideas! In this holiday gift guide you’ll find 10 gift ideas for the home. There’s a little something for everyone, in a variety of sizes and price points.

10 Gift Ideas For The Home

Personalized Signage

Whether it’s a welcome sign with the family name or a beautiful way to display the house address numbers, a custom sign can be tailored to express the recipient’s personality and match the aesthetic of their home. Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach is a collective of 120 merchants offering a host of decorative options.

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There are no gift ideas trendier than terrariums for 2017. Terrariums come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and can be sold pre-made, or you can purchase the individual pieces of your choice to create your own master piece. In San Diego, Pigment stocks both beautifully made terrariums and all the fixings if you want to create your own. Or, stock up on plants at Mission Hills Nursery.

Gift ideas: Terrariums

USB Wall Outlets

Help your loved one embrace technology and save them from ever having to look for their AC adapter plug ever again. USB outlets come in a variety of options, including ones that allow you to maintain a regular wall socket in addition to USB outlets, and can easily replace the current electrical socket. Many varieties are available at your local Ace Hardware.

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Putting Green

A home putting green is more accessible than you might think. It doesn’t require much space, and can be customized with features and practice elements to help your golf game. But, it can also be created as a versatile space for kids to play and is a great focal point for entertaining. There are several ways you can customize your own personal putting green. A favorite sports team, the family crest, a picture, or anything else you can imagine can be put on the flags and on the grass, itself. Of course, we recommend you go with an Approved Home Pro artificial turf provider.

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For the messier people in your life, consider helping them get organized with custom closet or storage solutions. Classy Closets can help create a storage solution for any room in the home. Even better? Hire a professional organizer to get them started. Katie Koentje at NEAT Method covers all of San Diego and can help you with any room in the house.

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Wine Tray

Take relaxing in the tub to new heights with a sturdy, water-resistant wine tray for the bath. In addition to the perfect wine holder, you can keep candles or reading materials within reach, as well. It is the perfect gift for your loved one who enjoys relaxing in the bath. Expressions Home Gallery has a variety of styles to choose from.wine tray

Smart Home Items

From Google Homes to Amazon Echoes to light bulbs that can be controlled by your smart phone, smart home items can add the convenience that only technology can provide. Many items can be mixed and matched and are often compatible with voice controls, such as the Home or Alexa.

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Fire Features

Help your loved one make the most of San Diego’s year-round weather with a fire feature for the back yard. Fire features can include ledges for dining, come in various heights, and are a perfect focal point for entertaining outdoors, while adding ambiance. Visit Thompson Building Materials or System Pavers to explore a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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Custom Glass

Custom glass are great gifts, because they can become very personalized. There are options to customize just about anything from coasters, baking pans to signs and doors. For etching, we love Best Value Glass. If the decorative window film route is preferred for you, we have two Approved Home Pros who can transform any size piece of glass.


Massage Chair

Massage chair technology has come a long way in recent years, and now come in sleek, stylish designs in a variety of sizes. There are some chairs that are completely ‘decked out’ with all the bells and whistles and then there are some chairs that you wouldn’t even be able to tell they’re a massage chair. Mor Furniture For Less has a large selection and four locations around San Diego.

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