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10 Core Principles Reborn Cabinets Was Built On

The principles that a company stands behind can really be what sets them apart from the competition. Reborn Cabinets shares their ten core principles and why they are vital to the company’s mission.

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Sean: The principles a company stands behind can really be what sets them apart from the competition. Reborn Cabinets has ten core principles, and David Dahlin is here to share them. David, glad to have you on the show today.

David: Thanks for being here, Sean.

Sean: You know, I’ve been doing business with Reborn Cabinets for years, and I’ve seen these principles in action, and I really want to break them down for our audience. Let’s start at the beginning, what’s the first principle?

David: Well, build a winning team. When it comes to putting a team together, when you have everybody on the same page that shares the same principles that company does, it adds to the team, and it builds the team stronger.

Sean: Number two is have the ultimate working environment. I’m sure that ties together with it. Number three: we care. I want to stop on number four, it’s the Vinny principle. First, who’s Vinny?

David: Vinny’s the founder of our company. In 1984, he moved his family out here to the West Coast. He really believes in the concept that when we go into a house, we want to treat that house as if it were our own. We want to treat the people in that home as if they were our family members. That really builds trust, and it lets them see that we care about what we’re doing there in their home.

Sean:So that is the Vinny principle, treat every home as if it’s your own. Number 5: Do what you say you’ll do. It’s pretty straight forward. Number six: Take ultimate project ownership. Number seven: Build it better. What does that mean?

David: There’s a lot of companies out there that do the same thing that we do. The difference that sets us apart is when we build it better, we’re not using industry standard products, we’re using above industry standard. Everything from our doors to our shower systems, it’s above the industry standard. So people know that they’re getting a great product, that comes with a great warranty, and they’re going to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Sean: That really defines Reborn from the experience I’ve had with you. Number eight: Always be consistent. Number nine: Schedule it right. Number 10, quickly, make a lasting impression. Is that about just, pride of ownership for people that have your product?

David: It really is, and the greatest part is when we go back to a project after it’s all completed, and we get to visit with the homeowner, and you see the joy written all over their faces when they have their finished product and they’re so happy to get to use it. They’re happy to share that with their neighbors and show them what a great job we did for them. It really adds to the value of what we do for our customers.

Sean: Again, I’ve seen that in action throughout the entire time. Right now, also, there’s a $500 gift certificate available for anybody through the end of the year. They just have to go either online or go into the store and they can pick that up. It’s tremendous.

David: Yeah.

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